Legendary Comic Book Heroes
Twin Packs
August/September 2007

Character Character Bio Asst./Item #/UPC Points of
BodyBags- Clownface and Panda

From the town of Terminus in the controversial comic "Body Bags" comes the father-daughter contract killers Mack (Clown face) and Panda, ready for any blood-soaked mission they can sign up for. They bring mayhem and murder to the Legendary Heroes third series.     2 Knives(Clownface)
Conan/Wrarrl- The Devourer of Souls

Truly a Legendary Hero, Conan the Barbarian is included in a twin pack, armed to the teeth and ready to take on the villainous Wraarl (his parents value unique names). Clad in leather, fur and body armor, Conan and Wraarl are going head to head in this impressively detailed set. UPC
Conan: 31
Wrarrl: 29
Wraarl- Bag of worms, Removable Helmet, Sword

Conan- Sword, Axe

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