Legendary Comic Book Heroes
Series 2- Monkey Man Series
September/October 2007

Character Character Bio Asst./Item #/UPC Accessories/
Monkey Man Piece

Chris Robinson enlisted with the marines to escape the hard street life of Chicago. Afer saving the life of singer/ actor/ super hero wannabe Peter Klaptin, the celebrity offered Robinson a job as both his bodyguard and the costumed hero of STAR. If Peter could not actually be a hero, he would make the world think he was by disappearing everytime Star was in action. He eventually joined the Chicago Police Department where he could help himself solve cases by uncovering evidence in his second identity. Armed not with super powers but with expert kick boxing and martial arts skills, he helps maintain justice on the Chicago streets. 95015/95016
Head, Upper Torso, Glasses


Morgan STRYKER is a soldier whose world was viciously torn apart after a dangerous military operation went wrong leaving him crippled and left for dead on the battlefield. Transformed by the evil Cyberdata Corporation, and aided by an experimental cybernetics procedure, Stryker was gifted with 3 fully-functional cybernetic arms capable of lifting 10 tons each in addition to being individually upgradable for different operations. His right eye and ear, damaged beyond hope of saving, were replaced, giving him the ability to monitor ultrasonic frequencies as well as see into the infrared and microwave spectrums. After breaking free from the malevolent Cyberdata Corporation and with the help of his hand picked team of allies, Stryker now mentors the next generation of heroes. 95015/95017
Right Arm


Ann O'Brien + Dark Green Jacket/Blue Pants Variant

The world knows them as the dimensional-hopping, monster-battling team of Monkeyman and O'Brian(sic)! Always ready to defend the defenseless. Always ready to solve the unsolvable! MONKEYMAN, real name Axwell Tiberius, a 10 ft tall, super-genius gorilla from a world of huge civilized apes, was accidentally pulled into our universe when ANN O'BRIEN and her evil sister Akiko were fighting for control of the long-lost Professor O'Brian's(sic) Extra-Dimensional Access Device. There was an explosion! Ann and her sister were bathed in a cloud of weird otherworldly radiations! As a result, Ann grew to 7' tall and gained incredible speed and strength!
Now, Ann and her new friend Axwell must work together to rebuild the extra dimensional gateway, try to find Anne's(sic) missing father, and try to discover a way to return Monkeyman to his homeworld!


Right Leg

MARV is a ham-handed gorilla with horrifying strength & fighting skills. His simple, easily confused mind often gets in the way of intelligent decisions, and he has the instincts of a child. Despite his soft spot for women, Marv's gruesome exterior repulses them. He is accustomed to being treated like a monster and spends much of his time at Kadie's Club Pecos, a local watering hole. His life is pathetic and meaningless until he meets Goldie, a beautiful goddess of woman who shows him love. When Marv finds that Goldie's life has been ended by foul play, he sets out to find the responsible parties and to deliver his own type of justice, his knuckles bare, his soul as sharp as a warrior's tempered sword. 95015/95019
Left Arm

Judge Death + Translucent Variant

A twisted creature from another dimension, JUDGE DEATH reasoned that since all crime was committed by the living, life itself was unlawful, and he set out to destroy all existence. Once a young boy called Sidney, the warped son of a dentist, he is now a supernatural being, capable of reaching into his victims' heart and squeezing them, and possessing others with his spirit should his body be destroyed. He is often accompanied by his Dark Judge brothers - Fear, Fire and Mortis - who laid waste to their own home, turning into Deadworld, and wish to do the same to Mega-City One! 95015/95020


Left Leg


Mafia Hitman Jackie Estacado was both blessed and cursed on his 21st Birthday when he became the bearer of THE DARKNESS, an elemental force that allows those who wield it access to an otherworldly dimesion and control over the demons who dwell there. Forces for good in the world rise up to face Jackie and the evil his gift represents, but there is one small prolem. In his story... they are the bad guys. 95015/95021
Lower Torso


Madman Variant     Right Leg
Monkey Man BAF


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