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Savage Gray Hulk w/ Green and Purple Variant

It's not enough to have puny Banner constantly rattling around inside his head, now the HULK has to deal with the Green Goliath constantly trying to rip his way free. The HULK just wants to be left alone, but with Betty, Rick, and Marlo constantly pestering him from one side, and Banner and his gamma-green alter-ego bugging him on the other, he gets no peace. It's enough to make you want to just start smashing things, and keep going until there's nothing left. If everyone doesn't just shut up soon, that's exactly what's gonna happen too. Left Leg
Absorbing Man

"Crusher" Creel lived a lifetime of petty crime even before being granted his powers by Asgardian magic. He lived from score to score, knocking over a liquor store here, a small-town bank there; always enough to live on, but not enough to catch the attention of any of the heavy hitters in the city. Even so, he eventually ended up in prison, where his physical domination of the other inmates caught the attention of LOKI. He was given power enough to challenge even the mighty HULK, whose might he quickly learned to absorb into his own body. His strength limited only by the applications of whatever material or energy he absorbs, every opponent he has ever had has only beaten him through luck alone. Right Leg

Ball & Chain

Doc Samson

Though Dr. Leonard Samson originally came to the fledgling Hulkbuster program hoping to cure Bruce Banner of the curse that afflicted him, he secretly harbored a scientist's curiosity. He wanted to know what made the monster hidden inside Banner tick, and he suspected that the HULK was more a creation of mind more than of modern sciences. Exposing himself to gamma radiation siphoned off the HULK, he found his theories at least partially borne out as his healthy self-image and unified psyche led to a remarkable physical change without the mental impact of other gamma-irradiation cases. Since his change, DOC SAMSON has dedicated his life to helping the HULK and Bruce Banner finally to live together as one mind and one body. Lower Torso/Tail
Fin Fang Foom

The super-villain known as the Mandarin (whose rings of power were actually artifacts from Foom's spaceship) found in the Valley of the Sleeping Dragon, having been directed there by the Makluan starship captain, who had taken the human identity of Chen Hsu. Awakening Fin Fang Foom (who was now over one hundred feet tall), Mandarin used him to threaten the Chinese government. The Chinese called in Iron Man to confront them, but he was quickly defeated. Another Iron Man arrived to help, but at this point, the rest of Foom's crew decided to shed their mortal shells and revealed themselves to the world. Foom and nearly a dozen of his cohorts terrorized the Chinese before the two Iron Men along with the Mandarin - who realized the aliens were merely using him - combined the energies of Iron Man's armor and the Mandarin's rings into a small nuclear blast that was thought to have wiped out the dragons.
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