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Fin Fang Foom - Series 1

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Savage She-Hulk

Even before she first turned into the savage SHE-HULK, Jennifer Walters was saved at least twice by the superhuman status of her cousin Bruce. After Bruce was forced to save her life, she manifested the ability to mutate into the raging female answer to the Green Goliath himself. However, without the mental baggage borne by her cousin, Jen quickly gained control of her super-human alter-ego, and now Jennifer Walters and the SHE-HULK are one and the same. Just recently, the disappearance of the Hulk has left Jen in the unfortunate position of trying to fill her cousin's sizable shoes, and she's faced threats as great as the ABOMINATION and WENDIGO. 78239


Head and Neck

Hulk: The End

Last survivor of a wasted world, the HULK wanders. He is plagued by memories, and by the constant presence of puny Banner, locked within. His only companions on an Earth destroyed by human arrogance are the mutant cockroaches that feed on his indestructible body. As he rages across the face of his empty world, he can feel the aged Banner inside, growing weaker and weaker, but the Hulk isn't ready to give up. Even as Banner's strength fails and the man within passes on, the HULK persists, for with Banner gone he is finally, truly alone. 78237


Left Wing/
Left Arm
King "World War" Hulk

The Red King is dead and Sakaar is, at long last, at peace. The Green Scar sits the throne, with the Oldstrong Queen at his right hand, and the Spikes, allies on his left. Though many have suffered and much has been lost, those who have seen the Green Scar believe a golden age is at hand. Even so, there is much work to be done. What the Red King and his Death Heads destroyed must be rebuilt. Treaties must be made with the Wildebots out in the wastes, and the Spikes must be returned to their home among the stars. One thing, however, is certain; the world is safe, encircled by the mighty arms of Holku, and nothing will ever again threaten the peace of Sakaar. 78242


Tail Tip

Axe, Sword

Sakaar, Son of Hulk

Only son of the HULK and the Sakaarian Show Warrior, Caiera the Oldstrong, the SON OF HULK was abandoned and left for dead by his father after his mother was killed while he was still in the womb. Even as a mass of undifferentiated cells invisible to the naked eye, the nearly unlimited power of his parents manifested, keeping him alive, sustaining him, letting him grow into the boy that thrived among the shattered remains of the world of Sakaar. Influenced by the mingling of his father's gamma power with the ancient Old Power of his mother, he grew rapidly into the young man that emerged from the wilds to battle the clashing tribes of survivors, and learn about the legacy left by his legendary parents. 78243


Upper Torso



Ancient legends tell of an evil that falls upon only the most cursed of men. The native people of North America speak in whispers, late at night, about the terrible spirit of the WENDIGO, a ravenous creature who lives only to kill, and to feed. The strength of the creature is the strength of demons, and its endurance is that of a spirit, for in reality it is demon and spirit both. Those unlucky enough to be afflicted with the curse of the WENDIGO never know rest, and never know satisfaction, for they are doomed to hunt and to feed without cessation until a strength greater than theirs can lay them low. 78241


Right Wing/
Right Arm
Fin Fang Foom

The super-villain known as the Mandarin (whose rings of power were actually artifacts from Foom's spaceship) found in the Valley of the Sleeping Dragon, having been directed there by the Makluan starship captain, who had taken the human identity of Chen Hsu. Awakening Fin Fang Foom (who was now over one hundred feet tall), Mandarin used him to threaten the Chinese government. The Chinese called in Iron Man to confront them, but he was quickly defeated. Another Iron Man arrived to help, but at this point, the rest of Foom's crew decided to shed their mortal shells and revealed themselves to the world. Foom and nearly a dozen of his cohorts terrorized the Chinese before the two Iron Men along with the Mandarin - who realized the aliens were merely using him - combined the energies of Iron Man's armor and the Mandarin's rings into a small nuclear blast that was thought to have wiped out the dragons.
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