Marvel Universe 3 3/4"
Series 5 Wave 25
Asst. A1793

Character # Character Bio Item # Accessories
024 Piotr Rasputin was little more than a boy when Charles Xavier recruited him into the X-MEN. Under the of Xavier and his older teammates, he grew quickly into a man to be reckoned with. He is one of the strongest individuals on the planet, and his strength is dedicated to the support of the X-MEN. If for no other reason, anyone thinking to challenge the mutant team must carefully consider the consequences of facing COLOSSUS.  A5744  

X-Force Warpath 025  As a job, James Proudstar idolized his older brother the X-Man known as Thunderbird. When his brother was killed, Proudstar swore to follow in his footsteps, and took on the mantle of hero. His relationship with the X-Men has been uneasy at times, but over the years he has come to terms with his brother's death, and become an invaluable member of the team.    
Omega Red
026 This mutant was already a twisted criminal before he was given super-soldier powers by the Russian government. His Carbonadium tentacles may be a fearsome weapon, but they are also a curse. The metal slowly poisons his body, forcing him to sap the life force from others in order to survive.    
027 The X-Men are not the only team of mutants to take on the mantle of heroes. Operating from a base of operations in Canada, the members of Alpha Flight defend their nation against all threats with unyielding courage and their own incredible mutant powers.    
AoA Nightcrawler
028 As the X-Men prepare to return to their world, Nightcrawler has unfinished business. The teleporting mutant leaves his home dimension behind so he can track down the fugitives who have escaped the Age of Apocalypse. They might think they're in the clear, but Nightcrawler is coming! A5747  
Black Knight
029 Donning a black helm and riding under a shroud of mystery, Sir Percy of Scandia heroically defended the realm of the legendary King Arthur. His enchanted blade was forged by Merlin from material found in a meteorite. As long as he wields it, he remains invincible to any enemy attack. A5748