Marvel Universe 3 3/4"
Series 5 Wave 24
Asst. A1793

Character # Character Bio Item # Accessories
Cloak and Dagger (Marvel's Knights)

017 Once, this super-powered duo fought crime together. Now, Cloak rages unchecked, controlled by a dark force. The Marvel Knights must stop him, but Dagger may be the only one who can return him to balance before he consumes them all! A1802  

Iron Man (Black and White)

018 He's proven himself one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. But why stop there? The Armored Avenger's zero-gravity space armor lets him battle evil beyond the limits of the Earth's atmosphere. A4790  
A-Bomb/Abomination (Marvel's Abominations)

019 Most beings would be pulverized in a matter of seconds by the Hulk. Not these two. While they fall on opposite sides of the struggle between good and evil, their battle is one that can only be decided among gamma-enhanced goliaths. A4791  
Ghost Rider
020 Iron Man created this new costume for Spider-Man as a way of welcoming him to the Avengers. It packs much of the same technology Tony Starkís own armor does, as well as specialized cybernetics that enhance the web-slingerís abilities. Spider-Man wore the armor with pride until the Super Hero Civil War drove him underground, forcing him to abandon it. A4972 Chain


Grey Hulk
021 For years, Bruce Banner fought against his other self, hoping to repress or destroy the Hulk. Now they work in concert -- Banner using his brilliance and the Hulk applying his raging strength when intelligence fails. A4793  
Baron Zemo (fat and skinny sword versions)
022 Conquering all mankind would be nice. Defeating one Super Soldier might be even better for this masked villain. No matter what plot he hatches or which evil allies he calls to action, Baron Zemo just can't overcome his archenemy, Captain America. A4794