Marvel Universe 3 3/4"
Series 5 Wave 22
Asst. A1793

Character # Character Bio UPC Accessories
Item #
Silver Surfer

vs. Original
001 Once held in thrall to the immortal planet-eater GALACTUS, the SILVER SURFER long ago regained his free will, and adopted Earth as his home. Recently, however, he has ventured back out into the deep, alien reaches of space, in search of new meaning to his life. He has found it in renewed service to great GALACTUS. He takes it upon himself to guide the ancient being wherever he can do the greatest good - or the least harm.    
Iron Fist
002 The power to summon and focus his inner energy gives Iron Fist vast abilities, including the devastating fist strikes from which he takes his name.    
003 Modeled after the evolutionary perfection of the rhinoceros’ plates, the indestructible polymer armor fused to Rhino allows him to demolish whatever gets in his way. 653569884033
Captain America
004 When the Avengers team needs a leader, they turn to the hero who was practically made for the job: Captain America. 653569884040
005 The manipulative master of special effects is capable of constructing any illusion and staging any scene that serves his diabolical plans.    
006 Born without superhuman powers, this mercenary has turned herself into one of the world’s most feared masters of martial arts.    
Black Spider-Man

Original/Wave 5 | 1st Revision/Wave 5
007 Fed up with being hunted and hounded by every criminal and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in New York, SPIDER-MAN goes on the offensive. Putting on his old, black costume is a signal that he’s through messing around. Any crook that wants to mess with his family is going to get put down, and put down hard.    
Iron Spider-Man

Original Dark vs Wave 5 | Variant vs. Wave 5
008 Iron Man created this new costume for Spider-Man as a way of welcoming him to the Avengers. It packs much of the same technology Tony Stark’s own armor does, as well as specialized cybernetics that enhance the web-slinger’s abilities. Spider-Man wore the armor with pride until the Super Hero Civil War drove him underground, forcing him to abandon it. 653569883982