Marvel Universe 3 3/4"
Series 4 Wave 21
Asst. 78230

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Professor X

022 With genuine intellect and the ability not only to read minds but control them, Professor Charles Xavier could bend almost anyone to his own accord. Using his powers for good, he tirelessly defends mutants and humans from those who seek to destroy them. The Professor's School for  Gifted Youngsters serves as his beacon to mutants around the world, as well as a combat base with his immense telepathic powers and unbreakable force of will. 653569767640


023 A regular trip to the mall led to some unexpected fireworks for the X-MEN, who discovered this mutant orphan under attack! After she was rescued, Jubilee followed the team through a portal and back to their remote Outback base, where she lived undetected. A daring rescue of WOLVERINE made her a hero and earned her a place among the X-MEN. Her determination to survive at all costs has served her well in a battle, where her explosive plasma blasts have proven as destructive as they are dazzling. 653569767657
Plasma Effect
Blastaar (with Blasting Hands Variant)
024 Built like a living warship, this former king wreaks havoc with concussive energy blasts from his hands. He can withstand blows from even extreme firepower, and his ability to hibernate allows him to survive long stretches in space that would crush a lesser being. Stripped of his crown and cast into the Negative Zone by his own people Blastaar has set his sights on the conquest of Earth and the destruction of the FANTASTIC FOUR...or anyone else who gets in his way. 653569767442