Marvel Universe 3 3/4"
Series 4 Wave 20
Asst. 78230

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017 Angel was thrust into the super-charged center of the struggle between mutants and men at an early age. Few have sparked more hope and fear on all sides of the conflict. The initial appearance of the graceful winged figure at the Xavier Institute instantly led both humans and mutants to declare him a savior. Eventually freed from this burden, he was finally able to live as a normal mutant, learning combat skills, becoming one of the X-Men, and using his power of flight to soar majestically into the fight for justice. 653569708070
018 Few have been in a more right place at a more right time than Richard Rider. Randomly chosen by a dying Xandarian to receive the power of the Nova Force, Rider instantly went from average teenager to intergalactic hero. When he was the only Nova Corps member spared by the Annihilation Wave, he was left to preserve the Xandarian legacy. His body houses Worldmind, the living Xandarian supercomputer. The entire Nova Force was also concentrated within him, making him virtually indestructible and allowing him to single-handedly wield its incredible power. 653569708094
019 This baron of industry may never have left his cocoon of luxury were it not for the whims of the powers that shape the universe. Stumbling upon an ancient formula that would change his life, Kyle Richmond was transformed by the Grandmaster into a hero with super-human abilities, though he can only use his powers at night. Fighting under the sun-less skies as Nighthawk, Richmond found his place as a champion of justice. His fearless self-sacrifice in battle and vast personal resources made him a natural fit to lead the legendary Defenders! 653569708087
020 Evildoers who encounter this legendary warrior take their places in the pages of history for an inglorious reason: getting their clocks cleaned by the fist of an immortal! The son of Zeus has found many an adventure in the world beyond Olympus. His strength - rivaled perhaps by none - has enabled him to win many victories as a vigilant protector of good and courageous member of the Avengers. He never shies away from battle, nor from a chance to enjoy the spoils a rousing victory brings. 653569708063
Puck with mini Snowbird
021 Eugene Milton Judd was a goliath, a man with exceptional physical ability who travelled the world in search of adventure. When he was forced to trap an evil spirit inside his body, Judd's seven-foot frame collapsed into half the size while virtually freezing his aging process and giving him superhuman abilities. With advanced speed, strength, and agility - plus a form dense enough to withstand bullets - this demolition dwarf is a gymnastic wrecking ball unafraid to hurl himself into anything - or anyone 653569708100