Marvel Universe 3 3/4"
Series 4 Wave 17
Dec. 2011- Asst. 78230

Character # Character Bio UPC Accessories
Item #
Ages of Thunder Thor
001 Every cycle of Ragnarok brings a new fate of THOR and those who dwell in Asgard. In each cycle, THOR fearlessly faces all enemies who aim to put his people in peril. During the Ages of Thunder, the Son of Odin declares his greatness not just through his mighty feats in battle, but but choosing when to let his hammer sit idle.  653569652052
Cape, Mjolnir
002 Super powers run in his family. Super Hero Blood did not always run in his veins. The grandson of a participant in the Super Soldier program, Eli Bradley stopped at nothing on his quest to become a Super Hero. Bradley earned full acceptance into the heroic ranks by saving a life, ultimately receiving the same super-soldier powers as the man whose life he saved: CAPTAIN AMERICA. 653569652076
003 The ability of STORM to harness the raw power of nature could easily make her an untamable force. Balanced by a gentle respect for human life, those powers have instead made STORM an authoritative presence in the mutant community and the world at large. STORM has evolved into a capable leader, commanding numerous strike teams while constantly influencing the destiny of the X-MEN. 653569652090
Lightning effects
Shadowland Daredevil
004 DAREDEVIL has a giant fortress from where he lords over the streets of New York. Known as the Shadowland, the fortress houses the Hand, the treacherous ninja army DAREDEVIL now commands. When he takes his crusade against crime further than ever, it sends a clear message: Shadowland will be ground zero for a war, a war fought on the streets of the city and in the depths of Matt Murdock's soul. 653569652069
005 Psionically gifted, PSYLOCKE uses her cognitive powers both to see the future and to shape it. While evil forces covet her constantly evolving telepathic skills, her unyielding mental resolve has helped her emerge from situations others could never endure. She has the ability to channel her energy, unleashing thunderous attacks from her fists or focusing it into her spectral psionic blade. 653569652083
Purple Psi-blast, Katana
White Iron Fist
006 As one linked to the mystical world, IRON FIST often encounters forces attempting to cross over from the beyond. When not tangling with elements of the mystic, IRON FIST has proven to be an able crime fighter. His ability to summon and focus his energy gives him vast abilities, including the devastating fist strikes from which he takes his name. 653569652045
Orange fist effect