Marvel Universe 3 3/4"
Series 3 Wave 12
Dec. 2010- Asst. 78230

Character # Character Bio UPC Accessories
Item #
Captain Marvel (reversed Art variation- gold shield or black shield variants)

001 Born light years away in the Kree Empire, Mar-Vell rose to great renown as a soldier of the Kree. Sent to infiltrate and observe Earth, he fell in love with the chaotic young world and its people. He was befriended by Earth’s heroes, and eventually became renowned as one of Earth’s greatest champions, despite his alien origins. 653569564089
Doc Samson (reversed Art variation- gold shield or black shield variants)

002 Doc Samson has always believed that the Hulk is only a symptom of a deeper problem within Bruce Banner’s mind. For years, he worked to cure Banner of his affliction through a combination of psychoanalysis and gamma science. Exposed to gamma radiation he gained phenomenal strength and durability. Though he remains primarily a psychiatrist, he also uses his strength to assist his friends among Earth’s heroes. 653569564232
stand with name misspelled "SAMPSON"
World War Hulk ( gold shield or black shield variants)

003 Betrayed by those he once called allies, and devastated by the destruction of a place he had come to call home, the Hulk has returned to seek revenge. His massive stone starship hovers above the streets of Manhattan, and his alien army has turned midtown into a prison camp for the heroes of Earth. He will never descend to the level of those who betrayed him, but he intends to teach them all a lesson they will never forget. 653569564256
Axe, Shield, Sword
Modular Armor (Bleeding Edge) Iron Man (gold shield variant)

004 This is the sleekest, most lightweight armor ever designed by Tony Stark. Built to meet the parameters of any possible challenge, it is covered in ports that can house any of hundreds of mission-specific modules. In the space of moments, this armor can swap out a suite of research scanners for a weapons package that would put most battleships to shame. 653569564270
Blue Energy beam
Spider-Man 2099

005 In a future ruled by a corrupt and profit-mad corporation, Earth is starved for heroes. Spider-Man 2099 is the first of many to fight back against the scheming of Alchemax. Granted his powers in a laboratory accident, he fights the company from within, and uses his technical genius to keep his identity hidden from the high-tech Public Eye security forces. 653569564300
Translucent webbing
Spider-Woman (gold shield variant)

006 Spider-Woman struggles with self-definition. Her birth and the genesis of her powers are a mystery, and the earliest years of her life are a haze. She has been an agent of Hydra, a soldier for S.H.I.E.L.D., and an alien hunter for S.W.O.R.D. She battles constantly to take full control over her life, and do away with the sinister mysteries of her past. 653569564324
clip-on Translucent webbing