Marvel Universe 3 3/4"
H.A.M.M.E.R Series 2 Wave 9
June 2010- Asst. 78230

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Iron Patriot


When Spider-Man warned the Avenger about how dangerous Norman Osborn was, no one listened. He was a has-been bad guy, living under the thumb of Tony Stark, locked up in Thunderbolts Mountain. Now, of course, heís on top of the world, living the life of a beloved hero while lining his pockets and spreading his evil. Heís got the real heroes on the run, and heís traded up his old Green Goblin costume for a suit of powerful, high-tech armor of his own design.>

Yellow energy beam

Dirk Garthwaite never needed a reason to be a bad guy. For as long as he can remember, he's been filled with anger, and determined to make everyone else suffer for it. Even before Asgardian magic turned him into a being powerful enough to challenge even the mighty THOR, he got his kicks by robbing people and destroying their stuff. Flush with superhuman power, he takes great joy in trashing things on an epic scale. Together with his partners in the WRECKING CREW, he's nearly a match for the AVENGERS. 653569510130
Iron Spider-Man (w/ translucent variant)

Iron Man created this new costume for Spider-Man as a way of welcoming him to the Avengers. It packs much of the same technology Tony Starkís own armor does, as well as specialized cybernetics that enhance the web-slingerís abilities. Spider-Man wore the armor with pride until the Super Hero Civil War drove him underground, forcing him to abandon it. 653569510147
Winter Soldier w/ Long haired variant
Fans' Choice Winner! (#2 of 5)


Few covert operatives had as much effect on the world as did the Winter Soldier. His name was only spoken in whispers by those few who had heard of him and lived. Brainwashed and used by his Soviet masters, he was the USSRís secret weapon against its enemies. It was only after he was defeated and his memories restored by Captain America that he turned his considerable skills to heroism. 653569478164
Rifle, Pistol
Mary Jane Watson
Fans' Choice Winner! (#5 of 5)


Every guy remembers the girl who got away. For Spider-Man, that girl is Mary Jane Watson. For reasons neither of them can quite put their finger on, a relationship that should have been a love for the ages just never worked out. After the break-up, MJ headed west to pursue her acting career, while the wall-crawler stayed in New York to defend the city he loves. They still share fond feeling for each other, but whenever they try to get together something seems to get in the way. 653569510192

Ms. Lion


Skrull Soldier (English stand and "Skrull" stand variant)


Though the Skrull Empire had vast resources and powerful technology, the backbone of its all-conquering armies was made of these humble soldiers. Each one was trained to use his shape-shifting abilities to create confusion among their enemies, making them vulnerable to the surprise attacks and sabotage that were the Skrull Empireís signature. For a thousand years, these soldiers were what allowed the empire to bring an entire galaxy to its knees. 653569510215

Ray Guns



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