Marvel Universe 3 3/4"
H.A.M.M.E.R Series 2 Wave 8
May 2010- Asst. 78230

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Colossus (Astonishing X-Men)


Piotr Rasputin was little more than a boy when Charles Xavier recruited him into the X-MEN. Under the of Xavier and his older teammates, he grew quickly into a man to be reckoned with. He is one of the strongest individuals on the planet, and his strength is dedicated to the support of the X-MEN. If for no other reason, anyone thinking to challenge the mutant team must carefully consider the consequences of facing COLOSSUS.  653569485254


Before unwittingly encountering the mystical Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, Cain Marko was a normal man, but he was a man consumed by jealousy of his half-brother Charles Xavier. Cyttorak seized on that jealousy, turning Marko into a being of untold power - an unstoppable force of destruction that would plague Xavier and the world for decades to come.  653569485261
Archangel (w/ Death variant)
Fans' Choice Winner! (#1 of 5)


His body and mind twisted by mutant super science Warren Worthington became a henchman of the evil APOCALYPSE. He soared aloft as a monster, obeying his master's every command. Worthington's mind was strong, however, and he broke free of the ancient mutant's brainwashing. Using his steel wings, enhanced strength, and damage resistance, eh currently adventures with the mutant black-ops team X-FORCE.  653569485292

AIM Soldier

Don't be fooled by the goofy uniform. A.I.M. soldiers are as dangerous as they come. The average trooper is a genius with a least one PhD and no morals. Even a single A.I.M. soldier, given the right equipment, can whip up a deadly virus or invent a powerful new disintegration ray. They have no compunctions about experimenting on other humans, or even each other. Any A.I.M. lab is bound to be crowded with dangerous surprises for any hero unlucky enough to discover it.  653569485308
2 guns
Kitty Pryde (Astonishing X-Men)


As the youngest member of the X-MEN, KITTY PRIDE often feels outclassed, especially with powerhouses like COLOSSUS and WOLVERINE around. She underestimates her own value. Her quick mind and ability to phase through solid matter lend subtlety to a team overflowing with brute force. Her close relationship with the other members of the X-MEN make her a crucial component of the team, one that focuses their conscious and power on what is right.  653569485285
Havok (w/ Classic Variant)
Fans' Choice Winner! (#3 of 5)


Separated from his brother Scott - who would eventually grow into the mutant hero CYCLOPS - and cut off from his own powers by MR. SINISTER, Alex Summers grew up ignorant of his mutant heritage. As a result, he wasn't trained in the use of his powers until late in life. He has since overcome that obstacle and turned into a powerful hero in his own right, leading a team of mutant adventurers into deep space against the insane despot VULCAN.  653569485315
Blue Translucent Energy beam