Marvel Universe 3 3/4"
H.A.M.M.E.R Series 2 Wave 7
March 2010- Asst. 78230

Character #/Fury File Character Bio UPC Accessories
Item #
Extremis Iron Man


When Tony Stark was injected with Extremis, it was an act of desperation done to save his life. It was unknown what the untested nanotech virus would do to him. In the end, however, it expanded his mind, enhanced his abilities, and rebuilt his body into a living weapon. Granted, full cybernetic interface with his armor and any nearby technology, he became truly invincible, and nearly unstoppable.  653569478140
Yellow energy beam
1st Appearance Captain America
Family Dollar, Original (2010), Revision (Glossy Torso, 2012)

Family Dollar/Original; Original Matte/Glossy
Steve Rogers was originally intended to be the first of a generation of super soldiers. When the secret of the super soldier formula was tragically lost, however, he became the one and only CAPTAIN AMERICA. Sent into battle at the front lines across Europe and Asia, he became a symbol of American defiance in the face of tyranny.  653569478157
Scalloped shield
Luke Cage (silver bling variant- unreleased)
Fan's Choice Runner Up

It's been a long time since LUKE CAGE went by the name Power Man, and a lot has changed. He's gone from being an independent operator, making money with his powers, to a leadership role in the AVENGERS. There was a time when his bulletproof skin and super strength made him impulsive and short-tempered, but his recent responsibilities force him to think of others first before he acts.  653569489993
Gold "CAGE" bling, girder, tan ski cap
98391 Silver "CAGE" bling, girder, black ski cap
History remembers James Buchanan as a simple, enthusiastic kid who lucked into a partnership with the legendary CAPTAIN AMERICA, and shared his adventures around the world. In reality, he was every bit the soldier. Raised his entire life on a military base, he was trained to fight by CAPTAIN AMERICA. He was the super soldier's stealthy shadow, slipping in the back while his heroic partner stormed through the front lines.  653569478171
2 Tommy guns
Black Widow (blonde variant, short hair- both unreleased)


There was a time when the BLACK WIDOW was considered a villain by the heroes of the United States. She was every bit the patriot CAPTAIN AMERICA was - she just worked for a different country. She continues to use her phenomenal fighting skills and unique technology in the best interests of mankind as a member of the AVENGERS, rather than as a Russian super spy.  653569478188
Machine gun
Modern Thor w/ Family Dollar Variant


When THOR returned from the darkness of Ragnarok, he found a world far different from the one he'd left behind. He therefore resolved to concern himself more with ASGARD and its people rather than with the problems of humanity. Even so, the closeness he felt with the mortals of Earth led him to bring his kingdom to the mortal realm so that his fellow gods might learn what it was like to live among them.  653569478195