Marvel Universe 3 3/4"
Series 1 Wave 4
May/June 2009- Asst. 78230

Character #/Fury File Character Bio UPC Accessories
Item #
Union Jack (weapons holstered) (packing variant- weapons in package)


His strength and reflexes enhanced by the ancient, mystical Power of the Pendragon, Union Jack serves England and her people. Though his primary purpose is to defend his homeland from the ravages of the undead, vampires are in short supply these days. He works mostly alongside agents from MI-5 and MI-13, defending the British Isles against all those who mean them harm.  653569384861

Pistol, dagger
Moon Knight


No one, not even Moon Knight himself, is really sure whether heís actually the avatar of the ancient god Khonshu, or if heís just crazy. It is without a doubt that he is stronger than the average man, and a far superior fighter to all but the best. He has devoted himself to Khonshu, acting out the Egyptian godís agenda of revenge against criminals from one end of the world to the other.  653569384885
Cloak, Staff, Crescent dart
Red Hulk (w/ Glossy variation)


Thundering out of the desert carrying weapons seemingly designed just for his powerful hands, the Red Hulk is determined to wipe out every trace of the original Hulkô from the Earth. Just as strong as his emerald counterpart, he has left a trail of destruction behind him. Those who have survived his passage are left to wonder who he really is, and where he will appear next.  653569384892

Eric Brooks was born to hunt. As a half-vampire, heís lived his life in the shadows, devoted to the eradication of vampires from the planet. He has trained to fight since childhood, becoming so skilled with daggers and swords that his vampire prey took to calling him Blade after the weapons he used to destroy them. He is the single greatest threat on the planet to vampires and their kind.  653569384908
Coat, gun, sword, glaive
Hobgoblin (bomb in upper corner) (packing variation- bomb by hand)


Ambitious millionaire Roderick Kingsley reached the top of the fashion game through criminal tactics and underhanded deals. Even in his lofty position, though, he hungered for more. When he stumbled upon a secret lab belonging to the Green Goblin, his route to power was revealed, and he became the Hobgoblin. Determined to run organized crime in New York, he set his sights on Spider-Man and the Kingpin, aiming to destroy both men in his quest.  653569384915
Glider, Pumpkin bomb, satchel, cape