Marvel Universe 3 3/4"

Character # Character Bio Asst/Item # Accessories
Nick Fury Digital Sub Exclusive





3 guns, pistol, jet backpack
Archangel X-Force Digital Sub Exclusive



SDCC 2009 Invaders
Captain America, Namor, Human Torch, Red Skull


Red Skull- The Red Skull was a living symbol of the terror and intimidation that ruled in the early years of the Second World War. His effectiveness as an agent and potency as a propagandist spurred the Allied forces to respond with the creation of Captain Americawho grew to be Red Skull's most formidable adversary. Throughout the war and beyond, the Red Skull rose again and again to threaten the lives of the Invaders, and of freedom-loving people around the world.

Namor- The half-human king of Atlantis has often preferred to isolate himself and his kingdom from the petty affairs of the surface dwellers. He recognizes, however, that events can occur on the surface that are simply too significant to simply ignore. He joins the Invaders not to defend Europe, but to ensure that the horror being wrought on the surface by the Axis never comes to his beloved home under the sea.

Human Torch- When he was first built, not even his creator suspected how complex the android that would later become the original Human Torch was. Human in every way that counts, Jim Hammond swore to protect humanity, and willingly enlisted in the battle against the Axis. His flame powers and ability to fly provided the Invaders with the air cover they needed as he soared overhead, melting enemy tanks and artillery into slag.

Cap- It was Winston Churchill who suggested to Captain America that he form his fellow heroes into a super powered squad committed to frontline action against the Axis powers that were overrunning Europe. A natural leader, Cap took the idea seriously and molded his teammates into a force unequaled by any other on the continent. Wherever the Axis or their minions lurked, the Invaders were there to squelch their malevolent plans

93366 Cap- Shield
Namor- Shell, Trident
Torch- fireball
Skull- gun, walking stick
SDCC 2009 Black & White Captain America

March 1941! Dr. Abraham Erskine injects his mysterious Super Soldier formula into young Steve Rogers, one of our brave boys in uniform. The process is a success, but tragedy prevents Dr. Erskine from seeing the full results of his genius. As war rages in Europe, Captain America dives headfirst into action against the Axis, fighting alongside our boys for freedom, liberty, and justice for all! 93391/93392 Shield
SDCC 2010 Captain America WWII

n/a During the last days of World War II, Captain Amercia disappeared. The man who had inspired America's troops in their drive across Europe simply vanished, never to be seen again. Unknown to the world, he lay frozen in the deep, cold waters of the North Atlantic, kept alive by his super-human physiology. It would be decades before he was found and revived into a world he barely recognized. He is a man of the past, but he remains dedicated to the future of mankind a future he sees in the shining promise of freedom for all people. 653569535560


Shield, Helmet, pistol
SDCC 2010 Thor- Ages of Thunder

n/a There was a time when the crack of thunder rolled across ancient battlefields, calling men to war. This was the call to arms of Thor, ancient god of thunder. He was the master of the storms that whipped the North Sea into frenzied whitecaps and drove the Norsemen to conquest. He was their strength and their armor. In the millennia since, Thor has turned his eye to the protection of all mankind, rather than the patronage of a slect few. He wields his hammer as a defender of Earth, and protector of the weak, calling down the fury of his storms on the evil that plagues mankind. 653569535621


SDCC 2010 Galactus- Masterworks version
Infinity GALACTUS was born in the boiling cauldron of the Big Bang. Emerging from the swarm of chaotic quantum potential at the beginning of the universe, he was a pulsing shard of energy - the brightest point in the dark, young cosmos. Unformed, he retreated into a cosmic incubator of his own creation, and there dreamed away the first few billion years of the universe.
As the incubator served to coalesce his form, he created a suit of armor capable of containing his vast energies. As he took on physical shape, however, so he also came to know the hunger that would plague him for the rest of his eternal existence. When he emerged from his long incubation, he found himself in a universe swarming with life. He marveled at the beauty of the planet his incubator had come to orbit - and then he fell on the living world, and consumed it.
So began the legend of GALACTUS - a tale that brings terror to every planet that falls under his shadow. From one end of the universe to the other, the name of GALACTUS is invoked only in whispers, and the coming of his herald is dreaded as the first sign of the end of the world. So vast is his power that entire armadas sent to destroy him are blown apart into radioactive ash by a single absent-minded wave of his mighty hand. So terrible is his hunger that no world can sate him for long. He is as old as the universe, as inexorable as time, and he will not stop feeding until the cosmos itself winds down to its inevitable end.


SDCC 2010 Spider-Man

none For years now, Spider-Man has protected the people of New York City from the threats both big and small. He is their champion and protector, and though they often wonder who he is beneath the mask, they never doubt that he fights for justice on their behalf. 65356935089


webline with suction cup
SDCC 2011 Sentinel (Classic)
Even by modern standards, the first of the SENTINEL robots to roll off the production lines were engineering marvels, masterpieces of deadly technology. With computational power superior to even the most advanced supercomputer and weaponry the equal of any on the planet, they could have done immeasurable good. UPC:
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NYCC 2011 Compound Hulk


 It's the team-up no one ever thought they'd see! Two Hulks, combined by the molecule manipulating madness of the Impossible Man, face off against an army of monsters controlled by the vile Xemnu the Titan. Even as their rage-filled fists flail at the mighty monsters arrayed against them, two minds struggle for control or for at least enough common ground to let them punch the right guy. UPC:


Victor Von Doom Digital Sub Exclusive



SDCC 2012 Masters of Evil
Baron Zemo, Radioactive Man, TigerShark



TRU Exclusive X-Men (X-Factor) Collector Pack
Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Mr. Sinister, Apocalypse
Old Man Logan Digital Sub Exclusive



SDCC 2013 Deadpool Taco Truck        

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