Marvel Universe 3 3/4"
Comic Packs- Series 2 Wave 7
March 2011- Asst. 92702

Character Comic Character Bio UPC/Item Number Accessories
Patch Wolverine/Silver Samurai

Wolverine Origins #42 (cover- Wolverine volume II #2)

On the soot-stained rooftops above Madripoor’s Low Town, WOLVERINE and the SILVER SAMURAI are locked in battle over the legendary black blade – an evil sword with the power to corrupt the spirit of even the purest warrior. Both men are near-perfect fighters, their bodies honed by a lifetime of combat, but only one will walk away from this battle.



Silver Samurai- katana, kodachi

Cable & Deadpool #36
 Desperate to repair his reputation as a master mercenary, DEADPOOL challenges one of the most dangerous fighters on the planet to a no-holds-barred fight to the finish. With a captive audience watching from the sidelines, DEADPOOL tackles the TASKMASTER with both hands and feet literally tied together.



DP- sword, pistol, knife

sword, pistol, shield, bow

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