Marvel Universe 3 3/4"
Comic Packs- Series 2 Wave 6
August 2010- Asst. 92702

Character Comic Character Bio UPC/Item # Accessories
Wolverine/Captain America

Captain America Annual #8

No mystery is deep enough to discourage Captain America. Confronted with evidence of the existence of a robot built specifically to destroy him, he follows every lead, hoping to stop it before it does any damage. When it turns out that Wolverine is on the same trail, the two heroes team up to take down the unstoppable machine! 653569513407


Cap- Shield w/ claw marks
New Avengers #8  With dozens of super-powered criminals suddenly free and on the run, the reformed Avengers are stretched to their limit. Even the most powerful collection of heroes in the world may not be enough to recapture so many dangerous individuals. So now, the Avengers seek out the most powerful being on the planet the Sentry. Spider-Man and the other Avengers must help him rebuild his shattered psyche before the villains overwhelm them. 653569529545


Thor/Iron Man

Thor #3 Iron Man made many mistakes during the Super Hero Civil War, but the one he regrets most is unleashing the unstable, untested clone of Thor. He is about to learn, however, that no amount of regret will calm the rage of the true Thor. The God of Thunder intends to make it known that he will tolerate no such mortal arrogance again. He will teach Iron Man a lesson that will not soon be forgotten. 653569513438


Thor- Mjolnir

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