Marvel Universe 3 3/4"
Comic Packs- Series 2 Wave 10
Asst. 97202

Character Comic Character Bio UPC/Item # Accessories
Quicksilver/Wonder Man

West Coast Avengers #50

MAGNETO is back and mankind is closer than ever to total destruction. Only the Avengers West Coast have the power to stop the magnetic menace permanently. QUICKSILVER must go against bloodlines and use his super speed to outfox his father, while WONDERMAN and the rest of the team plot an elaborate snare sure to defeat the evil MAGNETO!




Daredevil #132

BULLSEYE challenges DAREDEVIL to an epic battle beneath the big top. The audience, taken hostage by masked henchmen, is forced to watch as the nimble hero faces the menacing BULLSEYE and his bizarre, improvised weapons! The stage is set - who will come out on top in this center ring battle? 653569625346


Gun, Knife


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