Marvel Universe 3 3/4"
TRU Comic Packs-

Character Comic Character Bio UPC/Item # Accessories
Magneto/Captain America
X-Men vs. Avengers #4 One of the world's most powerful mutants has become one of its most wanted! The search is on for Magneto, the former villain who now fights for good as one of the X-Men. Russian Super Soldiers and The Avengers have tracked him to Southeast Asia. When the Avengers finally get to him, Magneto teleports most of the team away, leaving Captain America to bring Magneto to justice alone. 653569766148
Future Foundation Spider-Man/Dr. Doom
FF #4 Spider-Man and Doctor Doom on the same team? Stranger things are happening, like ripples in time and diabolical alternate versions of Reed Richards that must be defeated! Spider-Man and Doctor Doom were brought together on the Future Foundation to shape mankind’s future through science. They’ll need more than their brilliant minds to defeat what they’re up against…if the villainous Von Doom can even be trusted 653569775768
Amazing Spider-Man #41 A new force is on the rampage in New York. He’s gigantic, has super-human strength, and is almost indestructible. What is he after? And how do you stop him if his suit is tougher than tank armor? Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will have to answer these questions – while remembering to dodge – as he battles one of his most powerful foes for the first time! 653569775775
X-Men vs. Avengers #1 It's the ultimate showdown of mutants vs. mutants the AVENGERS vs. the X-MEN and MAGNETO is caught in the crosshairs! Russian Super Soldiers are out to eliminate him. SHE-HULK and the AVENGERS want him to face justice in a court of law. WOLVERINE and the X-MEN want to ensure his safety. The three sides collide in a battle for the same ultra-powerful mutant. Will the rest of the world survive the collision?  

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