Marvel Universe 3 3/4"
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Wolverine, Warpath, Deadpool
With mutants endangered and hunted across the globe, CYCLOPS made the decision to create X-FORCE, a mutant black ops team under the command of WOLVERINE. This silent squad of dangerous mutants performs the missions too dark or dirty for the X-MEN. When a threat looms over the mutant race, X-FORCE takes care of it, quickly and silently.

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Deadpool Swords:

Warpath Knives:

(+Future foundation and Clear Invisible Woman variants):
Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman w/ mini H.E.R.B.I.E.

Even before they were heroes, the members of the FANTASTIC FOUR were a family. The accident that granted them their incredible powers only drew their bonds of friendship tighter, making them inseparable. Separately, each member is a powerful force for good. Together, they are unstoppable.

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Hulk, Iron Man, Thor w/ Mini Wasp and Ant-Man

Brought together by the trickery of the evil god LOKI and bonded by their mutual heroism, these mighty adventurers form the core of what will become the world’s greatest team of Super Heroes. Separately, each is incredibly powerful, with advanced technology, ancient magic, and endless strength on their side. Together, they are the unstoppable AVENGERS!


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Starlord, Rocket Racoon, Mini Groot, Drax

In the wake of the devastation left by the Annihilation War, the galaxy was unprotected. In a forgotten place at the edge of the universe, a group of heroes came together, determined to fill that void. From their base in deep space, the Guardians of the Galaxy protect the cosmos from threats both large and small.

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Rocket Racoon:

Thor, Bleeding Edge Iron Man, Red Hulk

 He has battled them furiously, making EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES summon every ounce of their strength. Now he stands side-by-side with those he fought to defeat. RED HULK joins the fight for justice as one of the AVENGER! It's an alliance no one saw coming. And no one, not even the heroes themselves, knows how it may end.


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Mockingbird, Hawkeye, War Machine
Determined to expand the influence of the Avengers, a small squad of Earth’s mightiest heroes relocate to the California coast. Expecting to find the easy life waiting for them in the new climate, the fledgling team is instead beset by a nonstop string of misfortunes. Despite their struggles, the team continues to fight for what is right, confronting and defeating some of the most powerful criminals in the world.

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Longshot, Rogue, Wolverine, X-Baby Cyclops
 Longshot was raised on Mojoworld as a slave to the bizarre Spineless Ones, and their delusional dictator Mojo. He has seen much in the strange world of his birth – but never anything like the X-Men. Trapped and forced to star in Mojo’s latest hit shows, the X-Men remain defiant. With Longshot helping, they just might escape from Mojo’s clutches, and free the enslaved planet.

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Karnak, Blackbolt, Medusa
inhumans- Though Black Bolt sits silently on the throne of Attilan, he is hardly voiceless. His queen speaks his will and enforces it with the powerful tangles of her prehensile hair. Meanwhile, Karnak uses his uncanny ability to spot any weakness to advise the king and his incredible fighting skills to defend the royal family. When all else fails, and Black Bolt must speak, his voice cracks with the power of an atomic bomb.

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The Mighty Thor (Unreleased)
Thor, Skurge, Valkyrie- released in Infinite Series
Astonishing X-Men
Cyclops/Colossonaut - released in Infinite Series
Emma Frost (Unreleased)

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