Marvel Legends

Series 1:
Fantastic Four vs. The Mole Man

When the adventurous foursome of Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm rocketed off into space, they were bombarded by cosmic rays-- forever changing them and the world they lived in. These 'Imaginauts' became Marvel's First Family- The Fantastic Four! In their first mission together, the team faced menacing creatures dwelling deep beneath our feet, the monstrous creations of the Mole Man! As civilians fled in terror, these four super-beings were the only ones who could save an entire city from complete devistation. Working as a team, the Fantastic Four showed the world it's first super powered family, and proved that as long as the Fantastic Four stood watch, evil would stand no chance!

Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin

The world had rapidly become a different place. Costumed heroes and villainous tyrants waged deadly battles above men's heads, streaking across the sky, locked in combat. None of these battles were more dangerous, or frightening, as the ones fought between Spider-Man-- the masked man the Daily Bugle labeled a menace-- and his arch nemesis the maniacal Green Goblin! Swinging on webs and flying on gliders, they engaged in battle, Spider-Man doing all he could to save bystanders as the Goblin's deadly pumpkin bombs exploded all around them. The world could only look up and realize that life as they had known it was gone; the age of Marvel's was upon us!

Series 2:
Hulk vs. The Thing 71591
Galactus vs. Everybody 71952

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