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Ultimate Nick Fury/
Ultimate Captain America

No one would call Captain America and Ultimates Director Nick Fury friends. That they are men of a similar mindset, however, is without question. Both are soldiers, through and through, willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish their mission. Their methods are distinct and complimentary. Fury is a savvy political operator, trafficking in the secrets that support power. He manipulates media and government in an effort of create a reality in which America is dominant and safe from the super-powered threats growing around the world. Captain America, on the other hand, is a man of action, used to shouting his orders over the thunder of an artillery barrage, rather than whispering them in back rooms. He prefers to effect change in the real world through a direct application of force to the subtle machinations of diplomacy.



Elektra(Skrull Variant)/Ronin(Green)

Sent to Japan by Captain America, Maya Lopez took on the identity of the ninja Ronin, using her skills to map the growing threat of the Japanese underground. Unfortunately, the American Super Hero Civil War cut her off from the Avengersô, leaving her isolated among a growing number of enemies. Finally, her activities drew the attention of the dangerous clan of assassins known as The Hand, and their leader Elektra. In a desperate battle against dozens of ninjas and ELEKTRA herself, RONIN was exhausted and eventually slain Ė only to be resurrected in captivity by the ancient, mystic arts of the ninja.





Jim Lee Wolverine/Forge


Embroiled in a war bigger than either of them could ever have imagined, WOLVERINE and FORGE find themselves fighting alongside each other for the fate of an alien empire. WOLVERINE is deep within his element as he leaps into battle alongside the Starjammers, while FORGE is nearly out of his depth. He is not used to being on the frontlines of a fight, preferring instead to offer support through his inventions. While WOLVERINE lays about him with his claws, shrugging off blasts from Shi'ar lasers, FORGE must rely on his mutant technical abilities to modify local technology into a form that will keep him, and his allies, alive.



The Thing/ Mr. Fantastic

Reed Richards and Ben Grimm have been friends since college, and have shared more adventures and excitement in that time than most people will experience their entire lives. It was Reedís help and inspiration that got Ben through college and led him to become a pilot. Likewise, it was Benís gruff encouragement that drove Reed to continue ever farther down the path of discovery. Unfortunately, Reedís single mistake caused the accident that changed Ben into The Thing. Since then, the two have worked as teammates and family on The Fantastic Four.



(Super) Skrull Soldier/Kree Soldier

For thousands of years, the Kree and Skrulls have been locked in combat with one another. The vast resources of entire galaxies are devoted to the conflict, with the suepr science of both races focusing almost entirely on the continuing advancement of military technologies. Eventually, the science of both races resulted in champions - super powered soldiers whose might is the equal of the most powerful dreadnoughts in either fleet. The cosmic-powered Captain Marvel leads the Kree armies into battle, while the Skrulls develop the Super Skrull program, which yields phenomenally powerful soldiers with many of the powers bestowed upon Earth's Fantastic Four.



Red Hand Ninja/Nick Fury

For sixty years, Nick Fury has waged war against every kind of dirtbag this world has to offer. Against the Axis in World War II, he led his Howling Commandos - leading every charge with his submachine gun spitting hot lead. Since the end of the war, evil has splintered into a hundred organizations, each as dangerous as the last, but none more deadly than the ninja clan known as the Hand. Against them, Fury must not only exercise his skills as a soldier, but also stretch his wits to their very limit, because a single misstep will finish him.



Classic 70's Armor Iron Man/Maria Hill

Maria Hill is a talented spy, a skilled soldier, and a gifted battlefield commander, but as an administrator she leaves much to be desired. Appointed Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. after the disappearance of Nick Fury, she conflicted constantly with the soldiers under her command, and the Super Heroes with which she was forced to work. After the Super Hero Civil War, when Iron Man was asked to step into the directorship, she was all too happy to step down. As Director, Iron Man has applied his business skills to the administration of S.H.I.E.L.D., reinventing the organization as a sleek, responsive military/industrial machine.

Stealth Iron Man/Sharon Carter

Before the events of the Civil War, SHARON CARTER and IRON MAN fought side by side with none other than Captain America. Cap's death shattered their fellowship. SHARON CARTER, wracked with guilt over the hero's assassination, resigned as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, and went underground. Despite her training and strength of will, she fell victim to the machinations of DR. FAUST and the RED SKULL. Meanwhile, IRON MAN, struggling to hold S.H.I.E.L.D. together as it was rocked by the loss of manyu good agents and a string of crisis, searched desperately for Carter. His hope was to bring her back into S.H.I.E.L.D., where her training could do the greatest good.



Dum Dum Dugan/White Hand Ninja

As Special Operations Director, and Head of Internal Security for S.H.I.E.L.D., DUM DUM DUGAN has had to face every kind of threat imaginable, from giant monsters to cyborg Super Villains. His job had never been as difficult as it is now, however, with an invasion of alien shapeshifters, and an entire clan of ninjas dedicated to bringing S.H.I.E.L.D. down. Luckily, Dugan started life as a circus strongman, and his strength has never failed him. The HAND may all be world-class ninjas, but there isn't a ninja alive that can bring down the Yankee Strongman.



Invisible Woman/Human Torch (Johnny Storm)

Two siblings have never been so different. Susan Storm has always been a model of patience and humility, supported by a strength of will that has seen her through a lifetime of trials. By contrast, Johnny is rash, often foolish, and even a little bit arrogant. Still, they are bonded close together by their family ties, and have worked hand in hand ever since exposure to cosmic rays granted them both incredible power. Together with Ben Grim and Reed Richards, they change the Fantastic Four from a simple team into a family.




Empowered and driven mad by Asgardian magic, Samantha Parrington attacked the HULK. The fight that resulted was a battle for the ages. For block around, concrete was shattered by the concussive force of their blows. Both combatants staggered away from the fight with little memory of what had actually occurred. Later, as Samantha gained full control of her incredible powers, she joined the HULK as a member of the DEFENDERS.




X-Force Warpath/Deadpool + Deadpool X-Men Costume/Warpath Red/Black Variants

Deadpool has never been much of a team player, which is why the X-Men are a perfect fit for him. They've got a bunch of different teams running around, so he can pick and choose. Most of them end up ditching their teams and going off on solo adventures every couple of weeks, too. Some of them even seem to have more than one adventure at a time! WARPATH is the perfect guy to follow around - he's a moody loner with a talent for finding fights, which is exactly the sort of interaction at which DEADPOOL excels. Hopefully, WARPATH won't mind a little company.



Black Widow/Winter Soldier + Grey Outfit BW and Long Haired WS Variants

When the BLACK WIDOW first met the WINTER SOLDIER, he was a man without a name, brainwashed into absolute loyalty to his Soviet masters. She too was a loyal soldier, fascinated by he apparently emotionless young spy. Guided by her conscience, she saw past the brainwashing, and found the soul of a good man deep within the WINTER SOLDIER. It broke her heart to leave him begin when she left her life as a Soviet spy. When he reappeared, his bondage to his old masters had finally been broken by CAPTAIN AMERICA. She was more than happy to team up with him once again, this time as part of the AVENGERS.




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