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Red Hulk Series- Target Exclusive
Sept. '08


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"X-Force" Wolverine w/ Tiger Stripe Variant

Haunted by nightmares of a half-remembered past, WOLVERINE has worked for years to quell his inner demons. Gifted with the phenomenal ability to heal any injury, and process any poison, he has proven to be almost indestructible, after nearly a century of fighting. In an effort to expunge the demons of his past, he adventures with both the X-MEN and the NEW AVENGERS. His life as a Super Hero has carried him around the world, and across the universe, battling evil in all its forms. 78484 653569334880 Right Arm
78485 653569334347
Silver Savage Silver Surfer

Temporarily disabled and fitted with an obedience slug, the Silver Surfer once again knows servitude. Though he has been free of Galactus's influence for years, his mind still retains some vestige of its servile nature, rendering him totally vulnerable to the suggestive power of his captors. Armed with primitive weapons and clad in warrior garb, he is pitted against his old friend the Hulk. Robbed of full access to the Power Cosmic by his enslavement, he is nearly killed by the Hulk before his obedience slug is destroyed. His power, finally unleashed, set in motions the events that will destroy the Red King and lead to the coronation of the Hulk as King of Sakaar. 78327 653569318934
Right Leg


Black Costume Spider-Man

Transported to an alien world by the mysterious Beyonder alongside dozens of other heroes and villains from Earth, Spider-Man is in the fight of his life. Pitted against villains far more powerful than any he has faced before it's all he can do just to stay alive and protect his fellow heroes. With costume and web-shooters destroyed, his first priority is to keep things decent. When he encounters a mysterious, high-tech costume making machine, he's more than willing to give it a shot. The result is a slick new costume, with a whole host of new powers seemingly designed specifically to give him the extra edge he needs. 78298 653569318910
Left Arm
Adam Warlock

Probably immortal, and possibly all-powerful, Adam Warlock has lived many lives. Originally created to be the perfect human by a mysterious organization known as the Enclave, he escaped into the world with his mind a blank slate. His innocence led to narcissism, which in turn caused him to commit great acts of destruction inadvertently. Fleeing his earthly troubles, he wrapped himself in a cosmic cocoon, where he slept and grew until the High Evolutionary found a use for him, and Warlock found his purpose as a savior. Though in his adventures he has died many deaths, he has always returned when needed, and may at this very moment be awaiting another turn on the stage of life. 78348 653569318941
Left Leg


Union Jack

In a nation ruled by men with centuries of wealth behind them, few men of power truly act on behalf of the common people. Most of this land's heroes are raised up to near-nobel status and sequestered behind the walls of a hundred year old intelligence agency, but Union Jack is different. Though he does occasionally work for MI5, he's also got a day job like any other man, and he spends his nights down at the inn with his mates; fighting crime is just a side thing. His power is drawn from the spirit of England herself, a spirit that has always been closer to the commons who work her lands than to the nobles that rule her. 78258 653569318927


Spiral w/ Gold Variant

Enslaved by Mojo, Spiral serves as a soldier, assassin and spy for the other dimensional despot. She has faced many of Earth's heroes, from the Avengers to the X-Men, both in her capacity as Mojo's servant, and as a solo operator. Her motivations are often opaque, and she rarely explains her actions, preferring instead to see her victory complete and then teleport away. She is responsible for the creation of Lady Deathstrike's enhanced body, as well as the delivery of Shatterstar's indentity to the mutant body of Ben Russell. Phenomenally powerful as a sorceress and warrior, the presence of Spiral at Mojo's side virtually guarantees his continued rule of Mojo World. 78469 653569318958 Head

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