Marvel Legends
Series 9- Galactus Series

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Galactus Piece
Bullseye + Smirking Variant

A former soldier with perfect aim, Bullseye never misses his mark. From the early days of his career as a costumed criminal, the ruthless assassin has set his sights most often on a single target - Daredevil, the Man Without Fear. Any object - be it pencil, playing car or paper clip - becomes a deadly weapon in the skilled hands of the man who could be the world's greatest assassin.

44 Galactus Left Leg


Luther Manning grew up in an alternate timeline in which Roxxon's Nth Command had succeeded in Operation: Purge, extradimensionally banishing the super heroes of Earth. Subsequent efforts by Roxxon to take over the world instead plunged it into chaos. Manning was a US Army Colonel, wounded in combat and rebuilt by Harlan and Simon Ryker into a cyborg intended for their control. Now known as Deathlok, he broke free from them, eventually defeating Simon Ryker. Deathlok then met the rebel leader Godwulf, who sent him back in time to remove him from the notice of Harlan Ryker, now the powerful cyborg Hellinger.

39 Galactus Upper Torso,
Gun and Backpack

Dr. Strange
Former surgeon Stephen Strange is now Master of the Mystic Arts and Earth's Sorcerer Supreme. Aided by a magical Cloak of Levitation and the all-seeing Eye of Agamotto, Strange battles the hidden forces of evil. Dr. Strange can call upon a great many magical spells, including incantations enabling him to cast illusions and hurl mystical bolts. A Cloak of Levitation grants Dr. Strange the power of flight, and the Eye of Agamotto allows him to see through illusions and read minds. Also, he possesses a wide array of arcane texts, artifacts books and relics, When extraordinary events occur and the unexplainable becomes commonplace, rest assured: The doctor is in the house. 35 Galactus Right Arm,
Removable Cape

Hulk + Green Variant

Unused Base
Caught in the heart of a nuclear explosion, victim of gamma radiation gone wild, Dr Robert Bruce Banner now finds himself transformed during times of stress into the dark personification of his repressed rage and fury - the most powerful man-like creature ever to walk the face of the Earth! The Hulk possesses superhuman strength that increases as he becomes enraged, can leap vast distances and has demonstrated a powerful healing factor. The Hulk is a living, breathing engine of destruction. 34 Galactus Left Arm

Raised in a traveling circus, German-born Kurt Wagner learned that his mutant abilities were a gift to be celebrated. Nightcrawler can teleport himself, his clothing and a certain amount of additional mass from one point to another almost instantaneously. He leaves behind smoke and the smell of burning brimstone, actually atmosphere from the unknown dimension through which he travels. Nightcrawler may look like a blue-skinned demon, but this swashbuckler is one of mutantkind's guardian angels - using his amazing agility and power of teleportation to fight forces of evil! 41 Galactus Lower Torso

Professor X

Telepath. Teacher. Visionary. The planet's most powerful mutant is also its most compassionate leader. In pursuit of his dream of peaceful coexistence between Homo sapiens and Homo superior, Professor Charles Xavier established his School for Gifted Youngsters to help a select class of troubled teenagers hone their strange abilities - and protect society from those who would use such gifts to rule mankind. Today, as ever, he and his X-Men stand in defense of a world on the brink of genetic war! 33 Galactus Head


Cerebro Helmet
War Machine
While working with Stark Industries, Jim Rhodes helped create War Machine a technological marvel combining armor, weaponry and ease if mobility. After being terminated from Stark Industries, Rhodes attracted the attention of Nick Fury and S.H.E.I.L.D. who were impressed by War Machine's capabilities, and recruited Rhodes to assemble a strike force of similarly armored War Machine operatives. The War Machine suit has armor-enhanced strength, speed and durability. It is also able to fly CIA jet-boots and has a state-of-the-art weapons system, which is consistently modified and upgraded. 36 Galactus Right Leg

Clear Stand
Missiles, Repulsor Ray Blasts
A fundamental force of nature on a ceaseless search for sustenance, his eons-old legend spans the width and breadth of the very cosmos. From the Skrull homeworld to Shi'ar space, his name is whispered with fear under cover of darkness -- for depleting a planet's life-sustaining energies is all that can satiate the awesome hunger of Galactus, devourer of worlds! 33 7 Pieces


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