Marvel Legends
Series 2

Character Character Bio Points of
Hulk in Lab Coat

While working at a nuclear research facility, scientist Bruce Banner was accidentally caught in a gamma bomb explosion. The blast transformed him into the monstrous, rampaging Hulk, a creature with childlike intelligence and superhuman strength, which he often directs at those that would threaten him or other innocent beings. Ever since, when enraged, Banner turns into the Hulk and stays that way until the raging giant calms down and reverts to his normal human form.

24+ Removable Lab Coat
Dr. Doom + Doombot Variant

A brilliant but arrogant scientist, Victor Von Doom was disfigures when one of his earlier experiments went horribly awry.  Now- his scarred countenance masked by a metal faceplate, his body sheathed in nigh impenetrable armor- Dr. Doom rules the small European country of Latveria with an iron fist. Not content with one nation, his ultimate aspiration is world domination...and the destruction of the fables Fantastic Four! Dr. Doom possesses the ability, though not-often-used, to switch minds with others. Also, he commands a small amount of mystical knowledge.

27 Castle Top,
Pistol, Removable Mask

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Human Torch

Mutagenically transformed by cosmic rays into the heroic Human Torch, Johnny Storm is the hothead of the Fantastic Four. Often impetuous and immature, the Torch has a talent for tormenting his teammate, the Thing. The Human Torch, who possesses the mental ability to control ambient heat energy, can transform his body into living flame upon command. In this state, he can fly and expel bolts of fire in varying degrees of intensity, up to a super-charged nova-blast. His uniform and clothing consist of unstable molecules, enabling him to "flame on" without damaging them in any way.

30 Fire Base

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Namor the Sub-Mariner- monarch of the mighty, sunken empire Atlantis- strives to balance his fiery temper with his responsibilities of state. Ruling his undersea throne, Namor's foremost concern is the welfare of his subjects. But on occasion he rises from the depths to defend all humanity! Namor is an amphibian and so breathes water and air with equal facility. He can lift about 85 tons at peak capacity, although his strength degrades the longer he remains on land. Namor is able to fly for several hours at speeds of up to 60 mph before tiring, and he possesses limited invulnerability.

28 Water Base,

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The Thing + Trenchcoat Variant

Once a skilled fighter-pilot, Ben Grimm is now the Thing, a member of the world-famous Fantastic Four. Bathed in cosmic radiation during a fateful trip into space with three of his friends, Ben was transformed into a hideous creature of craggy, orange stone with superhuman strength. Many find him unsightly, but Ben has maintained his sense of humor an honor- because underneath that rocky exterior lies an ever-lovin' heart of gold! The Thing possesses superhuman strength, endurance, and durability.

30 Breakable Grafitti Wall

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