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Black Bolt + Blue Variant (not produced)

Black Bolt is a monolith of a man. His silent presence radiates a sense of control and authority. As King of the Inhumans - a human subspecies created by the alien race Kree - he wields a power vast and terrible. He is cursed never to speak, for even the slightest utterance from his lips carries the power to destroy. He communicates with his fellow Inhumans and the outside world through his wife Medusa, whose understanding of his intent is nearly total. With her and his counci2l of mighty warriors and keen thinkers at his side, BLACK BOLT defends his people fiercely. He will stop at nothing to see that the Inhumans are safe from the perils of the outside world. 78212
Nemesis Left Leg
Astonishing X-Men Beast

Hank McCoy was once a man, though he was always different. Blessed from birth with phenomenal strength and agility, his childhood schoolmates assigned him the cruel appellation "Beast." When circumstances led to his appearance becoming truly animalistic, his nickname became a literal description, and he embraced it as a codename for use when working with his teammates on the AVENGERS and X-MEN. He has made a home for himself as a teacher and scientific expert at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. As a result of tortures - tortures that resulted in an occasional unstable intelligence, along with his current leonine appearance - inflicted on him by APOCALYPSE and Cassandra Nova, he has become the master of his more truly bestial side, making him highly resistant to mental control. 78256 653569291305
Right Arm

Altered by means mystical and scientific, Tigra has spent much of her career as a Super Hero seeking stability. Constantly beset by alterations to her powers (or their removal entirely), it took years for the final disposition of her soul to be settled, and for her metamorphosis from human woman to cat form to be systematized through the use of a mystic amulet. Despite it all, she's persisted as a member of the Avengers on both coasts, a private investigator and solo adventurer, and most recently a New York City cop. 78213 653569260295
Upper Torso/Head

Daredevil- Yellow First Appearance + Red Variant

Somersaulting through the night air in a costume woven from scraps of his murdered father's boxing robe, DAREDEVIL seeks just one thing - justice. He scans the night-shrouded city with his phenomenal radar sense, and listens for the well-known heartbeats of his father's killers; men who walked free from a courtroom bought and paid for with mob dollars. Rendered fearless by the loss of everything he loved, he is a leaping, spinning form, defying death with every move. No man is a more natural acrobat or athlete, and few are his equal in the martial arts. His discipline is so strong that even as his soil roils in torment, his heart maintains the still quiet of a master fighter. 78342   Lower Torso

Billy Clubs

78217 653569260264
Punisher + "Crossbones" Face paint/Green Camo Variant

Even the most vicious criminals have nightmares. Not that they'd ever admit it, but Frank Castle is the one bad dream they all share. There's not a made man in New York that hasn't spent at least one night plagued by visions of a black-clad silhouette, shrouded in the smoke of a burning building. That white skull resolves from the smoky background, and Castle's thin-lipped, square-jawed faces moves towards them, lit from above by avenging flame. He is a man lost in a war fought alone, a man for whom justice and peace mean less than nothing while one criminal remains in the world. He is a man who has worked for years to be the dark figure that bears down in every scumbag's worst nightmare. 78215 653569260271
Left Arm


78342 653569293491

It was pure chance that granted Richard Rider his fragment of the cosmic power known as the Nova Force. He was just some smart-aleck kid from Queens, dreaming the same other big dreams as everyone else. The closest he'd ever been to being a Super Hero was seeing the Avengers' Quinjet once in a while. Since the day he felt that first rush of power, he's traveled the universe and battled against and alongside some of the most powerful creatures in the known universe. He has turned back the aggression of entire star empires, and become the last survivor of an annihilated culture. His power enhanced by the absorption of the entire Nova Force and the Xandarian Worldmind, he serves now as a final bulwark against perhaps the greatest threat our universe has ever faced. 78214 Right Leg
BAF: Nemesis (AKA Holocaust)


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