Marvel Legends
Series 18- Brood Queen Series
AKA Hasbro Wave 3
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September/October 2007

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Astonishing X-Men Cyclops

Cyclops has had more than his fair share of pain. Everything he's ever had, he's lost – friends, loved ones, children. Every lost love that's returned to him has done so only to be torn away again. There's a reason he's been the leader of the X-Men since the very beginning, however. He's known since he was a child that sacrifice is his lot in life, and he's never let it stop him. He feels every attack on him – feels it deeply – but he never stops, and never surrenders. He keeps on, through the pain, through the fear, through the crazed confusion that follows every defeat. Through sheer force of will, he holds himself – and by extension, the X-Men – together until every battle is won, and every evil has fallen. 78174 653569254232
Brood Head


It was inevitable, as it always seems to be when dealing with highly advanced simulation computers. As soon as you link multiple, powerful computers together and give them the ability to generate "hard light holographic structures, you open up the possibility of something awful happening. Danger is all of those awful possibilities wrapped up in one package. Evolving out of the programming of the Danger Room at the X-Mansion, Danger has only one goal – kill the X-Men. She knows every one of their strengths and weaknesses, and has a vast library of weapons and countermeasures with which to exploit them. She is tireless, implacable, and will stop at nothing until every X-Man lies dead. 78175 653569254225
Brood Wings

Danger Wings

Black Knight

Dane Whitman grew up unaware of his family's illustrious history. It wasn't until his uncle, the villain known as Black Knight, lay dying in his arms that he learned he was descended from a line of warriors dozens of generations long – dating back even to the court of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Taking up the mantle of the Black Knight, Dane resolved to restore the honor of the family name. Over the years, he has battled evil witches and wizards across time and through the arcane dimensions. Often, he has struggled with the family curse laid on his ancestor's sword, but always he has won out over powerful and ancient magic. Though he can be grim and pragmatically bloody-minded at times, no hero displays more determination in the face of opposition. 78171 653569254218
Right Legs

Shield, Sword


Back in the day, Bucky Barnes was right where every American boy wanted to be – fighting the good fight at the side of America's own champion, Captain America. It was a life Bucky was born for. Son of a soldier, he grew up on a military base, and was raised by his dad's fellow soldiers after being orphaned at the beginning of World War II. By the time he was a teenager, he was already an ideal soldier. Too young to enlist, he did everything he could to help with the war effort around the base until the day he discovered that clumsy young Private Steven Rogers was, in reality, Captain America. Teaming up with the Super Hero, he battled America's enemies around the globe, alongside the most powerful heroes of the day, including Namor™, King of Atlantis, and the original Human Torch®. Wearing a grin, and constantly cracking wise, Bucky and his pals took on fascists, Communists and terrorists until the very end of World War II when a bomb set by the evil Baron Zemo™ apparently took his life. 78168 653569254256
Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey Summers) + Variant + Variant Packaged Backwards! (Ltd. to 500)

No one ever said it was easy being a Summers. Rachel was born into a world on the brink of destruction, orphaned as an infant, and raised in a prison camp for people like herself, surrounded by giant robots intent on killing her the moment she stepped out of line. Despite it all, she spent a lifetime developing her psychic powers in secret, becoming so adept she was able to project her consciousness, and that of others, through time. Unable to use her powers to save her own world, she became determined to use them to the benefit of others, and has traveled from one end of time to the other, met death and dissolution along the way, and returned always to fighting for freedom and justice for mutants everywhere. 78170



Telekenetic Deallys

X3 Colossus- Shiny and Dull running change

Little is known about Colossus except to himself and Professor X. He rarely speaks, though whether his stoicism is a result of shyness or a taciturn nature is unknown. Even when not in his metal form, he gives the impression of great strength. His eyes betray a keen intelligence that is otherwise hidden behind his silent nature. Nonetheless, his good heart is readily apparent; since he arrived at the mansion, he has had only one goal – to become one of the X-Men. He's taken every opportunity to train with the team, and he has displayed a fighting talent and unbeatable spirit that is an asset to the X-Men in any situation. 78173 653569254287
Front Right Leg
First Appearance Captain America

The living symbol of American freedom, Captain America arose from the humblest beginnings. On the day he walked into an Army recruiting office in New York City, he was just a scrawny art student inspired by the plight of America's allies in Europe, and desperate for a way to serve his country. He was rejected outright by the recruiter because of his limited physical capacity, but his fervent patriotism was noted by an officer. Steve was offered a chance to take part in a top-secret program – the program that turned him into the super soldier known as Captain America. Armed with enhanced strength, reflexes and an indestructible shield, he battles injustice, tyranny and fear wherever it is found. He is the living symbol of the American ideal, a fierce individualist who is nonetheless willing to sacrifice everything he has for the sake of the greater good. 78169 653569254249
Hydra Soldier + Open Mouth Variant

There was a time when the cry "Hail Hydra" brought a chill to even the most hardened hero's heart, and a sweat to his brow. Unfortunately for this ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world, that time is past. Though the organization prides itself on being able to rebuild ever stronger, despite any defeat (hence the choice of the name Hydra), the death of its founder Wolfgang von Strucker years ago left it badly weakened. Huge and highly centralized, Hydra lacks the flexibility to really effectively terrorize the world, and instead concentrates its resources on occasionally executing grand, but largely symbolic attacks. As the world's heroes have grown ever more bulletproof, powerful and organized, Hydra has lagged behind, still relying on these soldiers, who often wield only conventional weapons. Recently a Hydra strike team was defeated by the elderly relatives of the X-Man Storm. 78172 653569254263
Front Left Leg


Queen Brood


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