Marvel Legends
Series 17- Blob Series
AKA Hasbro Wave 2
Asst. 78100


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Blob Piece
X3 Juggernaut

Toyfare | Hasbro | Final

Once the Juggernaut starts moving, no force on Earth can stop him. He is the proverbial irresistible force, a walking, talking battering ram with a physical focus so singular that forward motion becomes inevitability. Incredibly strong, highly resistant to damage, and faster than he looks, he is to the Brotherhood of Mutants what an armored division is to most human armies. Of all the mutants freed by Magneto he is the most fearsome, for no cell can contain him, no wall can halt his movement. He is unstoppable!

78146 653569219743
Removable Helmet

Blob Hands

X3 Phoenix + Pale Faced "Evil" Variant

Toyfare | Hasbro | Final

Jean Grey was always a source of strength for the X-Men. As one of the first mutants recruited for the team, she was the person that Professor Xavier depended on most. But deep inside Jean lay the all-consuming power of the Phoenix, which awakened when she sacrificed herself to save her friends. Now resurrected as Dark Phoenix, her powers threaten the existence of the entire planet. The X-Men must choose to battle their former teammate to prevent her from destroying everything she once held dear.

78147 653569219750
Right Blob Arm
78197 653569254645

Toyfare | Final | Variant

Son of the greatest mutant criminal ever to live and brother to the infamous Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver is a no less legendary figure. He has been a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, a member of the government sponsored X-Factor and long-time Avenger. He has walked the line between hero and villain, forced by circumstance to travel back and forth from the light to the dark. As a member of his father's government in Genosha, he hoped to be a calming influence on the anti-human ambitions of Magneto, but as his sister's brother he was instrumental in the creation of the House of M crisis. Depowered after M-Day, he stole the Mists of Terrigen from the Inhumans, using them to regain his powers and restore those of several other former mutants. Whether his next move will be in defense of the Earth or an attempt to conquer it is unknown.

78140 653569207887
Left Blob Arm
78196 653569254638

Toyfare | Hasbro | Final

Jennifer Walters graduated from UCLA school of law, summa cum laude. During a visit with her cousin Bruce Banner, The Incredible Hulk she was shot by criminals. She needed an emergency blood transfusion and her cousin Bruce had no choice but to donate his blood in order to save her life. His radioactive blood mutated Jennifer into the green-skinned She-Hulk. Unlike her cousin, she has been able to control her powers, and is able to change from Jennifer to She-Hulk at will. Whether fighting for justice by using her superhuman strength or by using her sharp intellect as a high-powered lawyer, the She-Hulk is a force to be reckoned with.

78137 653569207900
Blob Upper Torso
Lord of Asgard Thor

Toyfare | Hasbro | Final

Arguably the most powerful hero in the Marvel Universe and loyal Avenger, Thor is the son of Odin and the Lord of Asgard, Realm of the Gods. He first came to Earth nearly two thousand years ago to lead the Vikings in battle, and has since returned many times in the guise of both god and mortal. Through it all, his long war with his stepbrother Loki has never abated, with the evil trickster god laying snares for the hero at every turn. Thanks to Thor's friends among Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers and his legendary hammer Mjolnir, Loki has always returned to Asgard hanging his head in defeat.

78138 653569207870

Blob Head

Ultimate Wolverine

Toyfare | Hasbro | Final

As an assassin for the Brotherhood of Mutants, Wolverine was sent by Magneto to infiltrate the X-Men and kill Charles Xavier. However, after seeing firsthand how they operate and what they stand for, he abandoned his original mission and joined the X-Men. With his amazing ability to heal almost any injury and his adamantium-laced claws, Wolverine is an unstoppable fighting machine as he battles against the Brotherhood and Sabertooth, the leader of the mysterious Weapon X program.

78139 653569207917
Blob Lower Belly

Toyfare | Hasbro | Final

A being of unimaginable power, Kuan-Yin XORN spent his childhood locked away in a Chinese prison, hidden from the people who feared his power. His mind was a miniature sun, its dense core encased within a metal mask designed to contain its furious energies. When the evil twin of Professor Xavier, Cassandra Nova, threatened the universe, Kuan Yin was a key element in helping the X-Men defeat her. He was then recruited to a teaching position at the Xavier Institute and came to instruct the Special Class. At some point Kuan Yin was coerced by some unknown party into believing he was the X-Men’s most vigilant enemy Magneto, and he then launched a devastating attack on New York City which was countered by the X-Men. Xorn killed Jean Grey and was then slain by Wolverine.

78149 653569219767
Removable Helmet

Blob Left Leg

Yellow Jacket

Toyfare | Hasbro | Final
- Variant

Dr. Henry Pym has led a chaotic and exciting life full of adventure. Early in his career as a biochemist, he discovered the extra-dimensional Pym particles that allow him to shrink or grow at will, leading him to adopt many costumed personas and begin adventuring among the world of super heroes. He is a founding member of the Avengers®, and has had an on again, off-again marriage with Janet Van Dyne, the Wasp®. After the Avengers Disassembled, he semi-retired from the hero business. He joins them when his unique talents or technical expertise are required. In the meantime, however, he enjoys his life, and his solo adventures as the diminutive Yellowjacket.

78136 653569207856
Blob Right Leg
78206 653569256939
Blob BAF

Toyfare | Final

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