Marvel Legends
Series 14- Mojo Series

Concept Art: No FA Daredevil and
No X-Babies due to oil prices
August 2006

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Mojo Piece
1st Appearance Iron Man + Gold Variant

Businessman. Ladies' man. Super hero. Gravely injured by an act of industrial sabotage, billionaire genius Tony Stark saved his own life by designing a life-sustaining shell -- the hi-tech armor that is the invincible Iron Man. Today, the world thinks Iron Man is an employee -- Stark's personal bodyguard. In this dual role, he faces corporate intrigue and super-powered menaces. Iron Man is a modern-day knight in shining armor, fighting injustice wherever it rears its ugly head! 36 Removable Faceplate

Back Mechanical Tentacle

The courageous leader of a rebellion in an alternate dimension, the mysterious mutant known only as Longshot escaped to Earth to join forces with the X-Men! With his enhanced agility, acrobatic skills and incredible 'luck' power, Longshot has repeatedly helped his teammates out of tight spots by tipping the battle in their favor. After all, if his intentions are pure of heart and his motives true, Longshot knows that no matter how the odds may be stacked against him - all he needs to win is a little bit of luck! 35 Lower Mechanical Legs (Right Side)
Baron Zemo II + Unmasked Variant

Born into greatness and great darkness, Heinrich Zemo was a brilliant and terrible scientific genius who's quest for wealth and power would eventually consume him. Holding Captain America responsible for his failed attempts at world conquest, Heinrich was driven to the brink of madness in his plans to exact revenge. Horribly disfigured in a battle with his sworn enemy, Baron Zermo will stop at nothing - using the whole of his formidable wealth and resources - to see Captain America finished once and for all! 34 Sceptre

Head & Upper Torso

Luke Cage + Heroes for Hire Silver Shirt Variant

Wrongly convicted of a crime he didn't commit, Luke Cage submitted to a strange experiment to win his freedom from prison. He emerged with rock-hard skin, superhuman strength and a thirst for vengeance. Sidetracked by a brush with heroism, Cage cashed in on his newfound powers. Years later, he continues to fight the good fight... for the right price. He is Luke Cage: Hero for Hire! 34 Lower Mechanical Legs (Left Side)
Classic Falcon + Modern Variant

A smalltime hoodlum-turned-superhero, Sam 'Snap' Wilson was transformed by the mysterious Cosmic Cube into the heroic Falcon. Able to emphathically communicate with birds and fly with a specially designed pair of mechanical wings, The Falcon patrols the skies with Redwing, his trusted companion. Primarily a free agent, the Falcon has also teamed up with The Mighty Avengers to bring his special brand of justice to the skies! 36 Redwing

Front Lower Torso/Stomach

Psylocke + X-Treme X-Men "Crimson Dawn" Variant

Once a forthright and proper British maiden, Betsy Braddock found herself transformed into a finely tuned warrior. Psylocke now lives according to her own rules. Hated and feared by humanity as a member of the outlaw X-Men, she laid down her life in defense of a planet on the brink of genetic war -- fighting to maintain the future of our world! 30 Back Lower Torso/Stomach


Mojo rules over the planet Mojo World in the dimension dubbed the Mojoverse, both so named by himself and his tyrannical ego. He is a member of the race of Spineless Ones, beings whose evolution was stunted by their lack of spines until the scientist Arize created exoskeletons other mechanical devices that could help them move. (Mojo himself uses various mechanical platforms, some outfitted with hover jets and others with spider-like appendages.) This technological development allowed the Spineless Ones to rapidly advance their civilization until its basic technology surpassed Earth’s own. Unfortunately, the society developed around its obsession with television, due in part from the Spineless One’s low attention span, and its political structure became based on television programs and the resultant media ratings. Mojo rose to power due to his control over the television industry and his popular programming choices, the most notable of which were televised exploits of the X-Men from Earth-616. *from 22

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