Marvel Legends
Series 1

Character Character Bio Points of
Captain America

When, in 1941, a frail young patriot agreed to be a test case for an experimental "super-soldier" serum, he was transformed into Captain America-the living symbol of freedom. His body is now physically perfect, his courage unmatched and his fighting skills  can not be equaled. Cap Joined WWII and helped his allies win the war. After spending the decades following the war in suspended animation, he was revived by the Mighty Avengers, a super hero ground this charismatic born leader would eventually command.


Destroyed Window/Tank,
Shield, Flag


While working at a nuclear research facility, scientist Bruce Banner was accidentally caught in a gamma bomb explosion. The blast transformed him into the monstrous, rampaging Hulk, a creature with childlike intelligence and superhuman strength, which he often directs at those that would threaten him or other innocent beings. Ever since, when enraged, Banner turns into the Hulk and stays that way until the raging giant calms down and reverts to his normal human form.

20+ Smashed Wall

Iron Man + Gold Armor and Stealth Variants

To the public, Tony Stark is a handsome, jet-setting industrialist and inventor. What they don't know is that he leads a second life as the Iron Man.  The armored Avenger gets his fantastic powers from his suit of micro-mesh armor. It gives him superhuman strength, the ability to fly via his jet boots, and a variety of built-in weapons, foremost among being his devastating repulsor rays! Iron Man is dedicated to defeating those forces that would threaten the security of the nation and the entire world.

34 Stark Satellite,
Removable Mask


Mortimer Toynbee was a greedy, pathetic little toady when the genetic evil mutant known as Magneto tool him in as a member of his original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. But years of hard knocks toughened the Toad's hide, and the once-sniveling creature grew a spine. Now, a meaner, leaner, meaner Mortimer stands poised to exact revenge on all those who mistreated him!

10 Swamp,

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