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25th Anniversary Wolverine- Toys 'R Us

Twenty-five years ago, WOLVERINE was immortalized when he appeared for the first time in his own limited edition solo comic. Since then, WOLVERINE has become one of the most popular and widely recognized super heroes on the planet. Celebrate 25 years of the launch of this legendary hero.

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Diamond Emma Frost- Toys 'R Us

EMMA FROST has always been a woman of questionable ethical standards. Having rejected the inheritance of her family's wealth in favor of making her own way in the world, she advanced through the ranks of both business and mutant kind through diamond-edged ruthlessness. Her relationship with the X-MEN has, over the years, been rocky, but they generally share a common goal - the preservation of mutant kind. Despite her outwardly cold and selfish nature, EMMA FROST cares deeply for those to whom she is close. It's just nearly impossible to tell whether she considers you close, or simply a tool.

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Removable Cape

Silver Surfer- Wal-Mart

Among the greatest challenges ever faced by the FANTASTIC FOUR, the SILVER SURFER looms largest. Taken from his home world Zenn-La, his mind was erased by GALACTUS and his body infused with the "Power Cosmic," elemental energies on which the universe turns. He is one of the most powerful beings in existance. Despite his long service to GALACTUS, he overcame his brainwashing and found himself remembering a world full of life, and love. His memories in their power gave him the strength to defy mighty GALACTUS himself, and turned the SILVER SURFER from a galactic threat into one of the greatest heroes the universe has ever known.

77332 653569250548 Board
Stan Lee- SDCC

Stan Lee first met Captain America™ when he was 19 years old, and just getting started in publishing. It was a short meeting, just long enough for Cap to flesh out a few details for the story Stan was covering for Timely Comics, but it made a lasting impression. There were great men out in the world, and Stan Lee resolved to tell their stories. Later in his career, he became the official memoirist of the Fantastic Four and one of the few citizens to meet Spider-Man® face to face (though it was always difficult to get interviews with the web slinger). During the height of anti-mutant paranoia, he was one of a very few writers with full access to Charles Xavier's X-Men™. He is the only human writer ever to secure an interview with Black Bolt™, King of the Inhumans™ (famously short though it was). So famous is he as an accurate, impartial teller of tales of derring do that even Dr. Doom™ is rumored to desire his services as ghostwriter on the inevitable biography. He has been a friend, advisor and confidant to the superhuman community of Earth for 65 years now, a man without whom many of history's most significant events would long ago have faded into obscurity.

69297 653569261209 Peter Parker Head, Spidey Head, Spidey Mask, Spidey Hand/Feet
She-Hulk- SDCC

High-powered Super Hero attorney Jennifer Walters hasn't always been a solo act. During one of Ben Grimm's extended absences from the Fantastic Four, she filled in as the First Family's heavy hitter. As part of the gang of four, she split her time between serving as legal counsel to her teammates and many of New York's other heroes, and trading blows with the likes of Doctor Doom and Terminus. She served with distinction as the longest-term replacement for any member of the Fantastic Four, and remains friends with all of them to this day. Her first duty, however, has always been to justice. Even during this busy time she kept up her legal practice and maintained her qualifications, and appeared in court as often as possible (when she wasn't captured by the Beyonder or crushing Doombots in Latveria).

78167 653569254560 Jacket, Skirt, Briefcase, Extra hands/feet
Black Queen- TRU Exclusive (October 2007)

It's eternal matter coalesced into the mortal for of Jean Grey, the PHOENIX found itself subject to the many weaknesses of mortals, not the least of which was the manipulation of a powerful psychic like mastermind. Mer consiousness swamped by the overwhelming psychic assault of her attacker, she left the X-MEN, and joined the Hellfire Club as one of it's most powerful members. With her mind opened wide to the darkest aspects of her personality, the PHOENIX embraced evil wholeheartedly. Even when she inevitably slipped loose from the power of MASTERMIND, she simply plunged deeper into the darkness, emerging as the elemental for for universal destruction known as the Dark PHOENIX.

    Whip, Cape
Cannonball/Domino Team-Up- Wal-Mart Exclusive
(October 2007)

Domino originally met Cannonball as part of the X-Force, a group generally more militant and aggressive than the X-Men. Besides earning the title of a world class mercenary, Domino houses the Legendary ability to subconsciously alter stressful situations through subliminal telekinesis. Defying near impossible situations, such as dodging an onslaught of bullets from a firing squad, becomes an effortless task through the simple attempt of survival. Cannonball can consciously control his powers of thermo-chemical energy generation, harnessing it to fly and generate a protective force field. Even at immense heights and jet mimicking speeds, he can maintain considerable maneuverability over his velocity.


Cable/Marvel Girl Team-Up- Wal-Mart Exclusive
(October 2007)

Cable is in no way a “Mamma’s Boy”, but technically has two of them to choose from if he wanted to be. Nathan Christopher Summers, the son of Scott Summers and a clone of Jean Grey, had his existence planned from the beginning. The scheme was concocted by mastermind Mister Sinister to spawn a genetically superior mutant and use him to destroy the evil Apocalypse. Fortunately Cable was reunited with his biological mother, Marvel Girl, in an alternate future by Mother Askani. There he developed his telepathic and telekinetic abilities, eventually reaching such a high level that he was able to levitate the entire island of Providence in mid-air!

Cosmic Silver Surfer Icons- Target Exclusive


Hailing from an unknown star system, the enigmatic entity known as the SILVER SURFER has come to our planet on a mysterious intergalactic mission. Armed with the awesome power to manipulate any type of energy at will and the ability to ride a soaring cosmic force, the surfer will be more than a challenge for the combined abilities of the FANTASTIC FOUR. It will take more than just teamwork for the FANTASTIC FOUR to overcome this otherworldly visitor and his hiden agenda.

77391 653569272564 Board
Ultimate Wolverine- Blue Costume- Diamond Exclusive
Fin Fang Foom SDCC 2008
Shanna, Kazar, Sabu- SDCC 2008

Stranded in the Savage Land as a young boy, Ka-Zar first encountered Zabu when the saber-toothed tiger rescued him from an attack by the vicious Man-Ape tribe. Unusually intelligent for his species, Zabu took the boy under his protection, and raised him as his own into a man feared and respected across the primitive land they call home. When Shanna came to the Savage Land, drawn by its purity and primitive beauty, she and Ka-Zar first became a team, and eventually married. Together with Zabu, they protect the Savage Land from outsiders that would exploit its vast resources, and from the corrupting influence of modern technology.

Target Exclusive Hulk
AoA Sunfire- Hasbrotoyshop

When his home country of Japan destroyed by the Horsemen of APOCALYPSE, Sunfire was captured and subjected to brutal experiments. At the hands of the Horseman, Death, his mutant powers were pushed to their absolute limit. By the time Death was finished with him, he was constantly on fire, his body eternally consuming itself in superheated flame. Rescued and recruited by the X-MEN, he was fitted with a protective suit that sheilds him from the devastating effects of his own power. Driven by vengeance, he burns with the hoe of one day avenging himself on those who destroyed his beloved homeland.

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