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Sept. '08

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Ben Reilly Spider-Man

The most stable of Peter Parker's many clones, Ben Reilly wandered for years, living the life imposed upon him by false memories implanted by his creator, the Jackal. When the memories of the true Spider-Man began to reassemble in his head, he returned to New York only to find Peter Parker living the life that Reilly thought was his. Though both clone and original at first competed against one another, their shared goals and high moral standards eventually led to them becoming close friends. Reilly considered Parker his brother to the last, when he sacrificed himself to save his genetic twin from the deadly Green Goblin.



Right Arm

Crossbones is one of the very few non-powered criminals capable of holding his own within the ranks of the world's Super Villains. He is a world-class hand-to-hand fighter, very nearly the equal of Captain America and Bullseye. He maintains his fighting edge with a clever use of poisons and dirty tricks, including throwing knives and a number of small firearms secreted on his person. He has pursued the criminal path his entire life, and loves nothing more than a good fight. He'll work for any master that can guarentee frequent, intense action.



Left Leg




James MacDonald Hudson was an idealistic scientist dedicated to using his engineering talents for the betterment of mankind. Inspired by the first appearance of the Fantastic Four, Hudson decided to create a new super team that Canadians could call their own. Working with the Canadian government, he recruited a team of heroes to defend his homeland against superhuman threats of all kinds. Wearing a steel mesh battle suit of his own design, he took the codename Guardian, and Alpha Flight was born. Though the daily stress of directing the team wore on Hudson, he continued to lead them on countless adventures across time and space for years. Hudson and the rest of the team met an untimely end in the Yukon wilderness when they faced off against The Collective, a powerful mutant force from beyond.



Lower Torso
Heroes Reborn Iron Man

Haunted by the death of his friend "Rebel" O'Reilly during the test of the original Prometheum armor, Tony Stark withdrew into himself. He abandoned his youthful idealism in favor of a ruthless pragmatism that made him rich but alienated those closest to him. It was only after a near fatal helicopter crash forced him to don a newer version of the Prometheum armor that he once again found a purpose in life. Taking on the identity of IRON MAN, Stark once again engaged with the world, vowing to do what he could to repair the damage his own heartlessness had done.



Helmet, Sword, Knife
Human Torch w/ Nova Translucent Variant

The memorable Johnny Storm inspires jealousy in a lot of people - even other Super Heroes. As Johnny would say, that's only because he's so great that it's tough to not be jealous. He's got the money, the ladies love him, and he can fly; what more could a guy need, honestly? Sure, he's saved the world a whole bunch of times, but who hasn't? Seriously? Life must be really tough when you're not as awesome as the Human Torch.



Left Arm

Emperor and potentate of vast empires that span hundreds of light years and dozens of dimensions, Kang thrives on the challenge of constantly expanding his power. He is an experienced time traveler, and has seeded the histories of hundreds of worlds with alternate versions of himself, making him functionally immortal. Though he has no in-born super powers, his absolute mastery over far-future super science makes him a match even for the Avengers. He is a master strategist who lives for conflict, and over an ever present threat to the safety and freedom of Earth.



Upper Torso

Originally built to destroy the Avengers by the humanity hating super-android Ultron, Vision became everything his creator was not. Imprinted with the brain patterns of Wonder Man, Vision's emergent sentience caused him to betray his programming and join the Avengers as a hero, where he served honorably for decades. As an Avenger, he met and married the powerful mutant sorceress the Scarlet Witch. Unfortunately, their relationship was doomed from the start, as first Vision and then the Scarlet Witch went insane, causing havoc and death for the Avengers. Since then, Vision has been repaired and reprogrammed, and has restarted his life alongside a brand new incarnation of the Avengers.



Right Leg
Ultimate War Machine

James Rhodes was just a student when he met Tony Stark, but he became much more than that when he was forced to fight bullies using Tony's first Iron Man prototype - he became War Machine! Later, working alongside Tony at the Baxter Building think tank, James constructed his own suit of armor, which imbues him with super strength, the power of flight, and heavy artillery. With Iron Man at his side, War Machine fights injustice with the only things he can trust - the technology he makes with his own two hands!



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