Spider-Man Legends
Series 1- Sandman Series
Asst. 69242

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Black Suited Spider-Man

His mind infected by the thoughts of an alien symbiote and his strength enhanced by the creature that clings to his skin, SPIDER-MAN feels an uncharacteristic rage taking him over. His best friend is trying to kill him, his girlfriend is unimpressed with his strange, new powers, and his Uncle Ben's real killer has shown his face. The world is out to get him; all you have to do to see that is look at the front page of the Bugle. Well if the world wants to think of him as a dangerous vigilante, then that's what they'll get, and SANDMAN is going to be the first to get a personal taste. 69244


Sandman Left Leg


Doc Ock

From the first time he ever used his cybernetic manipulator arms, Dr. Otto Octavius knew the risks. Giving such an advanced and powerful artificial-intelligence direct access to his brain was an almost unjustifiable gamble. The combination of hardwired software limitations and his own force of will, however, was more than enough for him to maintain perfect control - until both were destroyed in an instant. His life shattered and his mind broken, he became the criminal known as DOC OCK. A deadly dangerous fusion of man and machine, he's the most formidable foe SPIDER-MAN has ever faced, and his madness threatens the entire city. 69248


Sandman Right Arm and Hand


Green Goblin

Norman Osborn loves his work. It just so happens that a lot of his work lately has involved stealing things and mass destruction. He's always looked down on people, but now that he's the GREEN GOBLIN, he realizes how small all those people really are. Now, with his enhanced intelligence and strength he's a giant in a world of tiny, mediocre people. The only other man he's met who's at all worthy of his respect is SPIDER-MAN. He'll make the web-slinger see the error of his ways. And if he can't, there's more than one way to squish a spider. 69249


Sandman Right Leg


Mary Jane

Mary Jane spent her entire life dreaming of something better. She knew that coming home every day to her mom crying and her dad sullen and angry was just the prelude to her life. Out there in the world, there was adventure, fame and fortune. Her future. As it turns out, she wasn't far off. Not long after getting out of high school, she started making almost a career out of getting in the middle of fights between SPIDER-MAN and whichever super powered bad guy he was fighting this week. Finding out that SPIDER-MAN was actually her old friend Peter Parker just added to the excitement, and made a lot more sense out of the crush she had on the webhead. 69251


Sandman Torso

Base, "2x4"

New Goblin

It's more than the green gas that gives Harry Osborn his strength. He is driven by a rage beyond anything that ever infested his father, and focused in a way the GREEN GOBLIN - in his madness - never was. He has one goal and one wish - the death of SPIDER-MAN and the destruction of all he loves. Screaming through the sky on a highly advanced sky-stick, his strength and speed are enhanced by enough weapons to equip a small army. Against an enemy this viscious who has such intimate knowlegde of his secret identity and habits, SPIDER-MAN has no hope of a quick victory, and only the faintest chance of survival. 69247


Sandman Head

Sword, Glider


Flint Marko gre up rough. Abandoned by his father and ignored by his mother, he stole and cheated his way through school. After school he ended up in prison for a few years, but after that life out in the world really didn't offer him much until the birth of his daughter. The first time he held that little girl in his arms, he swore he'd do better by her than his parents had by him. Since then, thuogh, nothing's gone right. He didn't mean to hurt anyone, and he sure didn't mean to get turned into a walking pile of sand. But if life has taught him one thing, it's that the past is in the past. What's happening right now is important, and right now SPIDER-MAN is in between him and being with his wife and daughter. 69243


Sandman  Left Foot

SPIDER-MAN has doubted himself before, sure. But he's also never faced odds like this. One super-powered psycho he can handle, but three? Before now, he's always had his secret identity to protect him, keep his real life somehow safe and apart from his adventures as SPIDER-MAN. It tears him apart knowing how Harry Osborn feels knowing his secret, but the fact that Harry has taken to chasing him with machetes isn't helping much either. VENOM seem to know his secrets too, and takes joy in exploiting them. SANDMAN is so tangled up in Peter's past that it sometimes seems like he's been living with the guy for years. 69252


Sandman Right Foot

Eddie Brock can't remember the moment at which he went crazy. He was a normal man once - maybe with a surplus o anger, but never a killer. The symbiote changed him - made him somehow more. Stronger, faster, smarter. More angry. It gave him claws and the will to use them. It took his rage at the man who destroyed them both - SPIDER-MAN - and made it potent, powerful, murderous. As VENOM he's got all the fighting skills and high-flying talents of SPIDER-MAN. As VENOM he's got one goal: the destruction of SPIDER-MAN. 69246


Sandman Left Arm and Hand
BAF Sandman




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