Spider-Man Classics
Series 2



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Battle Ravaged Spider-Man

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The amazing Spider-Man uses his sensational spider-powers to protect society from the world's most dangerous super villains. It takes all of his superhuman strength, speed, and agility to fight the forces of evil. He often faces insurmountable odds and is forced to combat numerous opponents at the same time. Not even his amazing early warning "spider sense" can always keep him from being hurt while in battle. However, Spidey's incredible determination and will to win lets him triumph in battles against impossible odds. In the process, his world famous red and blue costume is often torn to shreds. It's a good thing that our hero creatd his own costume and knows how to sew up a replacement. Where else can a super hero bring their costume to be mended? 47080 47082 035112470823 30
47090 47092 035112470922
Classic Spider-Man

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During a high school science experiment, honor student Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider. The spider's bite transferred the arachnid's incredible powers to the young man. Parker gained superhuman strength, super-agility, the ability to stick to walls, and an amazing danger-detecting "spider-sense". He later realized that with great power comes great responsibility and vowed to use his abilities to helo others as a costumed crime fighter. Spidey now uses his powers and web-shooting devices of his own making to bring both ordinary criminals and sinister super villains to justice. 47080 47081 035112470816 30

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Matt Murdock, known to most as the blind attorney sworn to uphold justice has a secret! The chemical accident that robbed him of his sight as a child also gave him a strange gift. While he could no longer see, his remaining senses of smell, taste, touch, and hearing were heightened to a level that using them together gives him a kind of human sonar. Young Matt later met a blind martial arts master known as Stick, who taught him how to use his augmented senses and trained him as a fighter. Avenging the death of his father the prizeighter "Battling Jack" Murdock, who once led an honest life but was gunned down by the mob for not throwing a fight, Murdock uses these skills together to fight crime under the guise of Daredevil the man without fear!
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Yellow Daredevil Variant

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The man only known as the Rhino was once a small-time muscle man who worked miscellaneous jobs for professional criminals. He was chosen by foreign spies for a top-secret experiment in which he was given superhuman strength and an artificial bulletproof hide. Soon thereafter, he turned on his masters seeking to carve out a criminal career for himself. Taking the code-name Rhino, the unstoppable mass of thundering fury began stomping through the world taking whatever he wants. Only the spectacular Spider-Man has been able to stand in his way. Luckily for our webbed hero, the Rhino doesn't have the brains to match his brawn and is easily outwitted.
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Scarlet Spider

The super villain known as the Jackal created a clone of Peter Parker in order to defeat Spider-Man and take his place. The clone fought the true web-slinger but was beaten and believed to be killed in an explosion. In reality, he survived and left New York to wander the country in order to find his own identity. He returned years later calling himself Ben Reilly and became the super hero known as the Scarlet Spider.
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Spider-Man 2099

Genetic engineer Miguel O'Hara is the Spider-Man of 2099. Like his predecessor, Peter Parker, he has spiderlike abilities, but to a more grotesque degree. He fires webbing from spinerettes in his forearms, sticks to walls using talons on his hands and feet, and even has retractable fangs with their own venom. The futuristic web-slinger is an acrobatic free spirit considered an outlaw in a soceity of enforced conformity that is willing to risk his life to aid the innocent.
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