Series 1 Wave 4
July 2014 - Asst. A6749

Character Character Bio UPC Accessories
Item #
Wonder Man
The radiation that gave Simon Williams with superhuman strength, speed, and stamina also granted him immortality. But recently his body has become unstable -- the ionic energy that powers Wonder Man appears to be leaking… 653569917502  
Star Lord
In the aftermath of the Annihilation War, massive ruptures in space and time began to appear across the universe. Desperate to prevent another intergalactic catastrophe, Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord) assembled a ragtag team of heroes to repair the damage: the Guardians Of The Galaxy! 630509254439  
Drax the Destroyer was created for one reason: to destroy the Mad Titan, Thanos. After completing that mission, Drax lost his sense of purpose until Star-Lord recruited him to protect the universe alongside the Guardians Of The Galaxy! 630509254422  
Rocket Racoon
Thanks to his tactical genius and weapons expertise, Rocket Raccoon played a vital role in defeating the Phalax invasion of the Kree Empire. Now, he and his partner Groot have joined up with Star-Lord and the Guardians Of The Galaxy! 630509254415 Mini Groot