Series 1 Wave 2
May 2014 - Asst. A6749

Character Character Bio UPC Accessories
Item #
Thor has faced many foes and won countless victories, but even the mighty god of thunder has not escaped entirely unscathed. Thor was grievously wounded by Hela, the goddess of death, and disguised his injuries behind his beard until he was finally healed. 653569953135 Mjolnir
Death's Head
Originally constructed as a host body for the psychotic mage Lupex, the mechanoid being known as Death's Head was stolen and given a mind of its own. Now this self-styled "freelance peace-keeping agent" roams both space and time as a mercenary, forever searching for his next contract. 653569953128 Axe, Mace, Shield
David Cannon turned to a life of crime when he discovered his mutant ability to spin at near supersonic speeds. As a member of the Masters of Evil, the Lethal Legion, and the Thunderbolts, this whirling dervish proved himself a deadly foe and a thorn in the Avengers' side. 653569953111  
Red She-Hulk
After her death, Betty Ross was resurrected and transformed into the Red She-Hulk. Brainwashed and used as a pawn in her creators' sinister game, she finally broke free of their mental conditioning and became a gamma-powered heroine ready to tackle Hulk-sized foes. 653569953104  
Beta Ray Bill
After the destruction of his world, Beta Ray Bill travelled the galaxy in search of a new home for his people. A fierce but honorable warrior, he proved himself in battle against Thor and won the battle hammer Stormbreaker from Odin, in recognition of his valor. Armed with this mighty weapon, Beta Ray Bill became a fearsome new threat to the galaxy's darkest evils. 653569969655 Stormbreaker
Yellow Jacket
Biochemist and robotics engineer Henry Pym never intended to become a Super Hero, but when a group of spies captured his assistants, he was forced to use his inventions to save them. The incident inspired Pym to embark on a long career fighting crime, leading him to become a founding member of the Avengers. 653569969648  

Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers was a scrawny kid from Brooklyn until Abraham Erskine's experimental serum transformed him into a super-soldier. Determined to fight for freedom, Steve created the identity of Captain America and became a champion of liberty unlike any the world has ever known.


Rifle, Pistol