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Series 36671



UPC/Item Number Accessories
Super Shield Cap 01 653569699439



Awakened in a world almost seventy years distant from the one he remembers, CAPTAIN AMERICA knows only one thing for sure: This is a world that needs his protection just as much as the one he left. Equipped with powerful new Stark technology, the world's first Super-Soldier is more unstoppable than ever before.

Battle Hammer Thor
02 653569699446



Banished by his enraged father to the tiny realm of Midgard, THOR wandered the wild lands of Earth for many years. Only recently has he found a group of warriors worthy of being called his peers. More important, his association with the heroes of Earth has provided him with enemies worthy of the power of his hammer.

Heavy Artillery Iron Man 03 653569699453



IRON MAN packs the most sophisticated weaponry on the planet into his armor, but some weapons are simply too large to integrate. His latest invention gathers plasma energy from the environment and focuses it into a blast powerful enough to level any opposition.

Rocket Grenade Captain America + Unmasked variant 04 653569699460



It wasn't just Dr. Erskine's serum that made Steve Rogers unstoppable on the battlefield. He also had access to the most advanced technology in the world. His enhanced strength made him able to handle weapons too powerful for a normal man, and his superior senses let him strike with uncanny accuracy.

Ultimate Hawkeye
05 653569699484



Clint Barton doesn't have any super powers. But what he does have is the ability to hit any target, no matter how small or distant. That's all he does, but he does it better than anyone else in the history of the world. Even without the uncanny powers of his superhuman peers, he remains one of the most dangerous men on the face of the Earth.

Sword Spike Thor 06 653569699507



Even with his powers stripped away by the command of his father, THOR is a mighty warrior. But when he holds one of the mystical weapons of Asgard in his hands, no force on Earth can stand against him. His hammer can demolish any obstacle before him, and his axe can cleave any resistance in two.

Reactron Armor Iron Man
07 653569710011



There are forces in the universe of which science has only the most basic understanding. This armor was designed to explore the very edges of black holes, where time is twisted inside out, and matter is crushed to nothing. Where not even light can escape, you can find IRON MAN thriving.

Gamma Smash Hulk
08 653569710028



Though the HULK is only barely in control of the vast power that boils within his massive body, he is usually able to direct it against the proper target. His rage - and his strength - know no bounds. So beware all those who stand against the AVENGERS: When you face the HULK, you face fury incarnate.

Shock Strike Thor 09 653569710035



With his legendary hammer in his hand, THOR is an unstoppable force, wielding the wind, rain, and mighty lightning as his weapons. Though he is but one man, he is a man with enough power to hold armies at bay.

Shield Launcher Captain America 10 653569710042



CAPTAIN AMERICA is more than just an incredible warrior with years of experience - he's also a peerless leader. It is his keen intellect and flawless tactical thinking that makes the AVENGERS truly a force to be reckoned with.

Fusion Armor Iron Man
11 653569710080



The latest version of the IRON MAN armor is packed with features that make it the absolute pinnacle of technological achievement. Among its many powerful weapons, it includes a specialized repulsor generator that can create solid, superheated energy weapons like saws and blades.

Cosmic Spear Loki
12 653569710097



Even after being cast into the dark place between worlds, LOKI continued to plot the downfall of Earth and Asgard. Patient years spent exploring the dark nowhere have finally led him back to the world of light, where his diabolical plans threaten all of creation.

Hawkeye Movie
13 653569711919



Plucked from the ranks of S.H.I.E.L.D. because of his extraordinary talents, Clint Barton might seem out-powered by the other Avengers. But only someone who’s never seen him fight would make that assumption. He’s smart and tough enough to take on any of his teammates, and his skill with a bow is unmatched in the world.

Grapple Blast Black Widow
14 653569711926



As a master martial artist, espionage specialist and top-ranked spy, Black Widow has always avoided the spotlight. So to find herself as a part of the world’s first team of Super Heroes feels strange. She is proud of her place on the team, and confident in her abilities, but whether she can stand to work alongside an egotistical billionaire and a bellowing giant remains to be seen.

Skrull Soldier
15 653569711940



The Skrulls are a shape-shifting warrior race, conquerors of vast stretches of the galaxy, and devoted followers of the mighty Skrull queen. For years, this mighty alien empire has had its sights set squarely on Earth. Again and again, these proud warriors have assaulted our world, and only the power of the Avengers has been able to stop them.

Comic Axe Chitauri
16 653569748151



Guided to Earth from a place outside our universe by the evil Loki, the Chitauri have come to crush humanity utterly. Their goal is total conquest; the complete subjugation of the planet. Their weapons are terrible, their fleet nearly unstoppable. And the only thing standing between them and the victory they crave are the might Avengers.

Assault Squad Nick Fury 17 653569748175



Nick Fury prefers to lead from the shadows, leaving others to take the glory of the triumphs he engineers. But when push comes to shove and the fate of the world is on the line, he is not afraid to step into the line of fire.

Shatterblaster Iron Man 18 653569748199



Iron Man tinkers obsessively with his armor, constantly inventing new weapon modules, making tiny improvements in efficiency, and keeping it in perfect fighting condition. His latest innovation harnesses the power of controlled fusion, encasing the explosive power of a small, unstable star inside a high-powered missile.

Hulk, Classic Iron Man, Hawkeye, Loki

The lies of Loki have often brought the Avengers into conflict with other heroes, or even their own members. He is, after all, a master of manipulation. Every member of the Avengers has been affected - and any one of them will take Loki down the first chance he gets.



Captain America, Thor, Modern Iron Man, & Black Widow

Faced with the most powerful threats in the universe, no single hero stands a chance, no matter how mighty he is. The Avengers formed to deal with just such threats. The unstoppable team of heroes has faced down the most deadly dangers that this - or any other - reality can generate. From mad Titans to capricious cosmic beings, nothing can stand against the Avengers!




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