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Captain America
The First Avenger Series A6655



UPC/Item Number Accessories
Ultimate Captain America 01 653569583752



Captain America never really left the war behind. Since the day he became America’s Super Soldier, he has done nothing but fight one battle after another. Revived in the modern day after 60 years in suspended animation, he saw evil once again rising in the world, and committed himself to battling it to the last.

Heavy Artillery Captain America 02




In addition to being the world’s foremost hand-to-hand fighter, Captain America is also an expert in almost every weapon ever built. Against the heavy armor fielded by his enemies, only the most powerful weapons have an effect. Luckily, hand-held rocket launchers are this super soldier’s favorite weapons!

Battlefield Captain America




Captain America is the ultimate soldier, created to inspire confidence in his allies and fear in his enemies. He is fearless in battle, charging headlong into the thickest part of a fight. Protected by his indestructible shield and fighting skills enhanced by a secret serum, he is the Allies unstoppable secret weapon against the evil sweeping Europe.

Winter Soldier
04 653569597384



Critically injured and lost in the freezing North Atlantic, the former partner of Captain America was eventually discovered by a sinister and shadowy group of evil men. Brainwashed by them, he became the Winter Soldier, a dangerous and skilled assassin, feared around the world.

Heroic Age Bucky Captain America
05 653569583813



Bucky inherits the honor of becoming the new Captain America, as well as the original Super Soldier's mighty Vibranium shield. A master marksman and fighter, Bucky is more than ready to take on the challenge of protecting the world from the wrath of Red Skull. Watch out as Bucky hits multiple targets with one throw of his awesome shield.

Captain Britain
06 653569583820



CAPTAIN BRITAIN is a jack of many trades and a master of all. Strength, stamina, flight and invisible force field - he’s got everything he needs to battle villains all across the globe. The more he believes in himself, the more powerful he becomes, and the more justice he can bring to Britain and the rest of the world.

Super Combat Captain America 07 653569587699



After being rejected from service numerous times, young Steve Rogers agreed to test out the Super Soldier formula, which gave him incredible strength and endurance. Now he has become the world’s greatest hero: CAPTAIN AMERICA. Equipped with his mighty shield, he is ready to defend the virtues he holds so dear.

Red Skull + Hydra Running change
08 653569587675



RED SKULL is an evil genius with an endless hunger for power. He wants nothing more than to see CAPTAIN AMERICA™ destroyed. He creates ever more devastating weapons by harnessing the might of the Cosmic Cube. Now armed with an explosive rocket launcher, RED SKULL is ready to make another attempt at world domination!

09 653569587712



US AGENT is armed with a Vibranium shield very similar to that of CAPTAIN AMERICA™. He uses this for protection and as a weapon. Although he and CAPTAIN AMERICA have had their differences, they both agree that any threat to justice and freedom must be stopped.

10 653569587644



What CROSSBONES lacks in superpowers, he makes up for in marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat. As an instructor at a school for criminals, he’s always got to have plenty of weapons and ammo on hand. His trio of explosive weapons almost makes him a match for CAPTAIN AMERICA himself!

Winter Captain America 11 653569587705



CAPTAIN AMERICA will brave the harshest blizzard in order to protect the virtues of justice and truth. With only his snowboard and rocket launcher, CAPTAIN AMERICA is ready to shred down the mountain and destroy any villain that threatens the peace and well-being of his homeland.

Hydra Armored Soldier + Hydra Variant
12 653569608721



The frontline soldiers under the command of Red Skull are fearsome, tireless warriors. They carry out their orders without question, caring only to serve their leader. Armed with bizarre, high-tech weaponry, they are a dangerous foe, even for Captain America.

Jungle Trooper Captain America 13 653569608806



Hydra has bases everywhere, from the deepest desert to the most dangerous jungle. CAPTAIN AMERICA always makes sure he has the proper camo to blend in to any environment. That way, he can gather enough information to guarantee victory when he launches an attack!

Night Mission Captain America 14 653569608813



Attacking from the air at night is a job too dangerous for anyone but the world's first super soldier. Under the cover of darkness, CAPTAIN AMERICA uses his jet pack to swoop down on the enemy and take them by surprise!

Hydra Attack Trooper + Hydra Variant
15 653569613695



Few beings are more intimidating than a Hydra soldier. Equipped with the latest bio-shield armor and compressed energy weapons, they are some of the most powerful warriors ever to lace up a pair of combat boots.

Desert Battle Captain America 16 653569613688



The seemingly inhospitable desert is the perfect hiding place for Hydra henchmen. But they can't hide from Captain America, as his tactical assault shield is perfectly equipped to slice through even the toughest bunker!

Deluxe Fortress Assault Mission Captain America 01 653569597391



When the world is in danger, it is up to CAPTAIN AMERICA to proudly defend the freedom of people everywhere. He dons his mighty shield when danger strikes, making him an unstoppable protector of liberty. Red Skull can never touch him now!

Deluxe Paratrooper Dive Captain America 02 653569597353



When his foes form a defensive barrier around their base, Captain America has no choice but to invade by air. Using his awesome parachute, he dives out of a speeding jet and crosses enemy lines with ease. No one can build a wall between Captain America and the pursuit of justice!

Deluxe Air Assault Glider Captain America 03 653569597384



Airborne enemies are no match for Captain America! Tearing through the skies with his awesome jet pack, Captain America uses his legendary shield to blast enemies on the ground below. A pioneer for freedom, he is prepared to vanquish any threat to the world.

Deluxe Dark Threat Hydra Soldier 04 653569599562



The soldiers who serve Red Skull are equipped with the latest bio-shield armor and weaponry. Their dual flamethrowers and missile launchers inspire fear in all but the most hardened warriors. Together, they carry enough firepower to take on an entire army...but that won't stop Captain America from taking them down!

Deluxe  Midnight Air Raid Captain America 05 653569599616  

The enemies of freedom do not stand a chance on land or in the sky! Equipped with the world's most advanced jet pack, Captain America has the ability to seek out and conquer those who inflict harm. Henchmen beware: Captain America is on patrol!

Deluxe  Spinning Attack Captain America
Target Exclusive 2 Pack
Captain America/Winter Soldier

Captain America has prepared for this moment for weeks. The return of his old partner Bucky as the brainwashed Winter Soldier shook his world to its foundations, but now he has a chance to bring back his friend. Everything rests on this final battle. For Captain America, it's a chance to pay back a sixty-year-old debt; for Bucky, it's a chance at redemption.



Target Exclusive 2 Pack
Heroic Age (Bucky) Captain America/Crossbones

As mind-controlled citizens riot in the streets outside, Captain America faces off against Crossbones and four other powerful servants of Red Skull. The star-spangled hero is badly outmatched and he knows it, but these villains aren't prepared for the surprising skills of this new Captain America.



Cap- Knife, Shield
Crossbones- Guns
K-Mart Exclusive 3 pack
Captain America, Captain Britain, Red Guardian

These are legendary men - men forged from the toughest stuff this world has to offer. They are heroes to their people and the world. And though they may be distinct in personality and approach, they are each bound together by a universal quest for justice.



Fire and Ice
Arctic Assault Captain America/Cosmic Fire Red Skull



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